PDSA Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Returning with A Son

“That’s right. Junxuan ge and I have long been in agreement with each other. We were having an affair in secret. His car accident was faked. The one who had been fulfilling his physical needs every single day was me. However, the papers have already been signed, even if you know about this, what’s going to happen?”

Cheng Liyue faltered a few steps. Although her countenance was pale, she felt the blood thrumming through her veins. Her husband had actually slept at Shen Junyao’s place every night? All those days Lu Junxuan was on a business trip, all the various excuses that he came up with for not going home, were all because of this woman? An intense pain seized her. She felt suffocated.

“Who was that man? Who was that bastard you’ve arranged for me last night?” Eyes brimming with tears, Cheng Liyue glared at her and asked harshly.

Shen Junyao looked at her impatiently. “It doesn’t matter who that man was last night. What’s important is that, last night, you slept with a man.”

“Tell me who was it! Hurry and tell me who it was… ” Cheng Liyue worked herself into a frenzy, raising her voice as she asked.

Annoyed, Shen Junyao answered. “Last night we arranged a male hooker for you. However, the male hooker said that another man had already entered your room. He didn’t want to engage in a threesome so he went back. So, whether your man is ugly or old, fat or skinny, no one knows.”

“I don’t believe this. I want to check the security cameras.” Cheng Liyue trembled with rage.

“Unfortunately, the security cameras of the hotel yesterday were faulty.” Shen Junyao smirked. The hotel belonged to the Lu family.

Cheng Liyue face turned pale as snow. Their set up was flawless.

At this point, Chen Xia came over with her passport and tossed it at her. “Here. Quickly be on your way.”

Cheng Liyue clutched her passport. She glared at the hateful faces of these people. She was feeling unresigned[1] and was in misery. She felt it all detestable to the point where she was unwilling to stay for another second, else she would suffocate and would surely expire on the spot.

“I despise all of you — each and every single one of you.” With tears streaming down her face, Cheng Liyue’s slender figure left in despair.

Looking at the figure of Cheng Liyue leaving, Chen Xia and Shen Junyao’s eyes met each other’s for a moment. At last, they’ve gotten rid of this insignificant person.


Four years later, the airport.

A young lady held up a placard at the arrival hall.

On the placard it was written in capital letters, “Cheng Li Yue, Chief Designer.” The lady anxiously scanned the crowd, looking for the person stated.

Her gaze landed exclusively on those elegantly-dressed women.

At this time, from within the crowd emerged a feminine figure pushing a trolley leisurely. On the trolley were two large luggage. On top of the luggage, sat a little boy dressed in denim jacket, grey shorts and beige sneakers.

Amongst the masses, the woman’s gorgeous and slender figure, with her hair gathered in a loose bun, looking neat and simple, having a clear face, exquisite facial features and fair skin, was the envy of many.

Looking at the little boy seated on top the luggage, although he was only three or four years old, he was sporting the beginnings of a catastrophic beauty.

With cropped jet-black hair, fringe covering his forehead, finely-shaped eyebrows, a pair of onyx-colored eyes giving off a confident aura, pointed nose, tender, pink lips, a healthy complexion, he was just like a child model right out of the cover of a magazine.

Female passersby who happened to glance at this little boy would exclaim in awe. Too good-looking.

Wishing to carry him off with them.

“Mommy, it looks like that aunt is here to pick us up.”

Cheng Liyue’s lips lifted into a smile. Although her son was still young, he was able to recognize words.

She expelled a breath. Unexpectedly, after four years, she returned to this city.

Back then, she was filled with resentment when she left. Now she returned with only a feeling of tranquility.

In the past four years, what she had experienced — the trials and hardships — only she alone was aware of them. In the span of four years, she had changed. She was now a strong-minded, single mother.



[1] 不甘心 [bù gān xīn] = not reconciled to;  not resigned to


TL Note: I’m sorry if some sentences may seem a little disjointed. It’s hard to fit in that many adjectives in a sentence while remaining true to the meaning of the original sentence. Yeah, I’m referring to those descriptive sentences where the author uses a gazillion adjectives to describe the features of a single character. And because I’m relying heavily on a machine translator, there might be some chinese phrases that I’m unfamiliar with, so I’ll just wing it. Pardon me for any mistakes.

6 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 4

  1. The fact she returned in “tranquility” makes me happy. It means she’s put the needs of her son first, not revenge. Being bitter doesn’t get you anywhere, only by pushing forward can you grow.

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  2. If you look at this realistically, her mental state must have been complete sh#t after what she went through. She was drugged, raped, doesn’t even know the man, husband she totally trusted betrayed her, plus her best friend, they they took every thing her DEAD father left her, and then she finds out she’s pregnant.

    But I bet she’s not gonna have any mental issues. In stories like this anyways. But who cares, were all here for the fluff and…face slapping.

    Since the beginning, I’m hoping she gets those shares back, or just destroys that Lu family.

    But seriously, she went through all of that in just a few days, and wasn’t suicidal, especially with all the hormones that comes with pregnancy.

    She most have a monstrous mentality. I think the only thing that could brake her now is if her son dies.

    But we all know that won’t happen.

    Thanks for all the chapters. It kinda reminds me of hidden marriage, one son, free husband, story. I’m looking forward to it. From the summary, it sounded like she was gonna be poor, and have to rely on the husband, but know I see she has power on her own. So she actually has merits.

    I need to stop ranting.

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