PDSA Chapter 7

With her son’s hand clasped in hers, she entered the lobby. They took an elevator up to where her assistant, Tang Weiwei was waiting for her.

“I’ll hand Xiao Ze over to you. I’ll be meeting my client so please look after him for me. Do not let him run about.”

“Yes, Miss Cheng.” Tang Weiwei was more than happy to take on this task.

Because she could play around with this little bean, Tang Weiwei was extremely happy.

“Xiao Ze, do you want some candy? I’ll give you some.” Tang Weiwei took out two lollipops from her desk drawer to entice him.

Who would have known that the little boy would scrunch up his face and said to her, “I’m no longer a child. I don’t want candy.”

No longer a child? Tang Weiwei tried to suppress her laughter and looked at the little bean. He was clearly still a child, and a cute one at that!


Cheng Liyue first went to her boss’ office. Her boss was a very capable woman. A bold, 40-year-old woman of mixed descent named Linda. Having been divorced, she was now a single mother with children. That was also why she took good care of Cheng Liyue at work. And even provided assistance to Cheng Liyue outside work.

Cheng Liyue greatly admired and respected her.

As soon as Linda saw her walked in, she looked at Cheng Liyue with a solemn expression on her face and said, “Liyue, I’ve met your client. She’s an exceedingly demanding person from a rich and powerful family. Somewhat difficult to deal with. Moreover, she has high requirements. But what she is willing to pay is beyond our expectations. You have to handle this with care. The company attaches great importance to this business.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. I guarantee you that I’ll see this through to the end.” Cheng Liyue said confidently.

She was confident in her work because she was passionate about her job.

“OK, then I’ll leave it to you. The client is waiting for you in conference room six.”

“How should I address this client?”

“Just address her as Mrs.Lu.” Linda answered.

Cheng Liyue instantly tensed up at the mention of Mrs. Lu. This Mrs. Lu couldn’t possibly be the Mrs.Lu that she was thinking about!

No, please let it not be her. At this moment, she didn’t want to encounter anyone from the Lu family.

While she was anxiously making this plea in her heart, she arrived at conference room six.

An assistant in charge of serving refreshments stood right outside the door. When she saw Cheng Liyue approaching, she took the initiative to open the door for her.

Cheng Liyue bit her lip, took a deep breath and entered.

When she raised her head to look at the elegantly-dressed woman seated on the sofa, her heart seemed to stop for a few seconds.

Apparently the Heavens have arranged for the last person she wished to see to appear right before her. She could not avoid this even if she were to try.

It was Shen Junyao.

Looking at Cheng Liyue, Shen Junyao raised her eyebrows in surprise. Her ruby-red lips lifted into a pleased yet mocking smile. “So it’s really you. I thought I’d misread your name.”

Looking at Shen Junyao’s face, events from four years ago whizzed through Cheng Liyue’s mind. She had been humiliated, trampled on, driven out, and had been schemed against.

Cheng Liyue clenched her fists tightly at her side. She tried to subdue thoughts of the past and swallow back her resentment. She thought of her son. Now, she was without any power to go against these people. At present, all she wanted was to lead a good life with her son.

Cheng Liyue loosened her clenched fists and calmly walked up to Shen Junyao. “Hello Mrs. Lu, my name is Cheng Liyue. I’m the jewelry designer you’ve requested for. How may I be of service?”

Shen Junyao was startled. She looked at Cheng Liyue’s calm expression with astonishment. Her sharp gaze was fixed on Cheng Liyue. Thinking of this calm façade that Cheng Liyue had put on caused her to be miffed.

“Hmph, the former Mrs. Lu has now been reduced to designing jewelry for me. Do you know what you’re designing this jewelry for? It’s because Junxuan wants to commemorate our fourth wedding anniversary. Two months after you left, I married Junxuan. How unexpected right?”

“Mrs. Lu, do you have any specific design in mind for this jewelry? Or am I given carte blanche to design your jewelry?” Cheng Liyue ignored her snide remarks and proceeded to ask her questions professionally.


Chapter 7: Meeting Shen Junyao

11 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 7

  1. MC is such a god damn doormat
    She didnt call the cops or news after getting drugged, raped and had all her property stolen
    She didnt tell the boss to let her work in another city, and now shes gonna be helping the scum that ruined her life…
    Is the job really worth it?


  2. This is a very typical and cliche story of this trope but I somehow enjoyed it more than the other ones.
    Partially because the FL is more levelheaded and can still be professional in face a filthy rodent.
    Another thing is the delivery of the story.
    Translation is also extremely well done that I wouldn’t have noticed that it was MTL.
    Overall, I’m really enjoying this (currently) and I hope you’ll continue on with this translator!
    Thank you! ^^


  3. thankyou for the 7 chapters please continue until the end this novel seem really catching and fantastic
    in another teme its posible to make link for every chapter apart if not it dosent mater because i still want to read this novel to the end.


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