PDSA Chapter 14

Chapter 14: To Finally Meet

The little boy didn’t expect for there to be another hurdle. He smiled broadly. “Yes! My uncle is Gong Yexiao. Aunt, can you take me to see him?”

“I don’t recall the Gong family having a kid around your age. Have you got the wrong person?” Assistant Yan stooped down to put her face level with his.

Blinking his huge eyes, the little boy firmly said in a loud voice, “I’m not mistaken. Gong Yexiao is my uncle. If you don’t believe it, you can take me in to see him.”

“What’s in your backpack?” Assistant Yan remained vigilant.

“Nothing much! They’re just my snacks. Aunt, do you want to have a look?” Having said that, the little boy decided to take off his small backpack for her to inspect. Assistant Yan reached in and took out two slices of cake, a packet of tissue, and a small bottle of mosquito repellent.

Beside him, the receptionist covered her mouth trying to smother a laugh. This kid was just too cute!

The little boy was also smart. The résumé was sandwiched between the inner pockets of his backpack.

After examining his backpack carefully, Assistant Yan continued to gaze at him with suspicion in her eyes. “But I remember that the Gong family doesn’t have a child around your age!”

“I want to see my uncle. I want to see him. If you don’t recognize me, then just bring me to him.” The little boy pursed his lips, showing her a displeased expression.

Assistant Yan carefully studied his little face. His face looking so similar to President Gong’s had long astounded her. This was not just a simple resemblance, even the arrogant expression on the little boy’s face was identical — an exact carbon-copy of his!

“You… you’re sure that you’re a child of the Gong family?” Assistant Yan did not dare do as she please by sending him in to meet the boss.

“This aunt, if you still don’t take me to see my uncle, I will be angry! Once I’m angry, there will be grave consequences,” the little boy threatened. His action of arching his eyebrows greatly shocked her. She had followed her boss for three years and was profoundly familiar with his mannerisms. The little boy’s action of arching his eyebrow was exactly the same as her boss’.

“Alright, I’ll bring you to meet him.” Assistant Yan still wasn’t sure whether he was a child of the Gong family.

But, whether he was or wasn’t, the boss would surely know. Besides, she had just checked his small backpack and there wasn’t anything dangerous in it.

The receptionist was somewhat sorry that she didn’t have the chance to go in with them to see President Gong.

The little boy’s plan was moving along successfully. The object of his plan was only a door away. His big eyes lit up in excitement, twinkling like stars in the sky.

As they neared the door, the little boy didn’t appear to be the slightest bit anxious. He only knew that he wanted to see this Gong Yexiao and introduce mommy to him to be his girlfriend.

After knocking on the door, Assistant Yan pushed it open.

Peering into the large office, the little boy inwardly exclaimed, how luxurious!

He followed Assistant Yan into the room. All the while he was oblivious to the tall, lithe figure seated on the sofa in the corner of the room.

Dressed in a black suit, the man seated on the sofa carried an extraordinary bearing. His outstanding looks were captivating. His inky-black hair was slicked back, not a single strand out of place, revealing a flawless face with golden ratio proportions, arched brows, and a mysterious and enigmatic expression. He emanated a devilish and alluring charm.

Although he was just sitting on the sofa in silence, that indolent yet dignified figure was just like that of an emperor from ancient times possessing a domineering and imposing manner, suppressing those around him.

He glanced at the assistant who had just walked in. Spotting the small figure trailing after her, his brows instantly creased.

“President Gong, your nephew is here to see you.” Assistant Yan referred to the little boy as his nephew.

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