PDSA Chapter 22

Gong Yexiao strode towards the elevator. The two entered.

Cheng Liyue’s unit was situated on the fifteenth floor. Arriving just after a few seconds, they got off the elevator. Stepping into the corridor, Yan Yang glanced at the numbers on the doors. Pointing to the innermost unit, she said, “This is the place. Should we knock?”

“Knock.” The authoritative and sonorous tone in his voice brooked no argument.

Yan Yang stretched out her hand and rapped the door with her knuckle.


The two people in the unit who were playing together immediately glanced at each other. Tang Weiwei said, “It couldn’t be that your mommy has returned! That was fast? Let me have a look.”

The little boy hurried after her. Stepping up to the door, Tang Weiwei glanced through the peephole. And saw that the person outside wasn’t Cheng Liyue.

Instead, it was a smartly-dressed woman. And behind her, stood a man.

“Little bean, I’ll carry you up. Take a look and see if it’s anyone you know.” Tang Weiwei thought that they might be relatives of the little bean.

The little boy was then lifted up by her. He stuck his large eyes to the peephole and saw Yan Yang’s face. He was pleasantly surprised. “Aunt Tang, I know her.”

Tang Weiwei lowered him to the ground. Looking at him, she asked, “Then I’ll open the door now?”

“Open it! Quickly!” The little boy was bubbling with excitement. Wasn’t this woman Gong Yexiao’s assistant?


The door was opened.

Tang Weiwei’s gaze landed not only on Yan Yang, but also on a man…

And this man appeared to be…

Round-eyed with shock, she stared at the handsome face of the charming man who carried a distinguished bearing. She felt dizzy.

Gong Yexiao?

How did such a legendary figure appear here?

The little boy was delighted. Looking at the tall and handsome man standing outside the door, he raised his small face and smiled, “Uncle Gong, are you here to see me?”

Gong Yexiao gazed at him with deep affection. He sat on his haunches and looked at his son. The corners of his lips rose, displaying a tender smile. “Yes, I came specifically to see you.”

“Uncle Gong, why are you looking for me?” The little fellow asked inquisitively.

“Don’t call me uncle. I’m not your uncle.” He corrected the kid.

The little boy blinked his huge eyes. “Then what should I call you?”

“You should call me daddy.” With a deep voice, void of any doubt, he answered.

The little boy widened his eyes. A pair of huge eyes stared fixedly at Gong Yexiao which were filled with pleasant surprise. “You’re my daddy? You’re really my daddy?”

Gong Yexiao returned the little boy’s stare with a deep, penetrating look of his own and replied with absolute certainty, “Yes, I’m your father and you’re my son.”


At the side, Tang Weiwei was about to faint. Heavens! This little munchkin was Gong Yexiao’s son? No wonder he had such a terrifying IQ.

Gong Yexiao gathered the little boy into his arms and carried him. He fixed Tang Weiwei with a sharp look. “When my son’s mother returns, tell her to find me directly at my office. I’m leaving with my son.”

After saying this, he turned away and left with the little boy in his embrace without waiting for Tang Weiwei’s response.

Worried that Tang Weiwei had been scared out of her wits and had not heard the words that were said, Yan Yang clarified with a laugh, “What President Gong meant is that he wants to meet Ms. Cheng Liyue. When she returns, just tell her to find him directly at the Gong Corporation. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with my boss’ name!”

“I… I’m aware. He’s Mr. Gong Yexiao.” Tang Weiwei stammered.

“That’s right.” Giving her a smile, she then hurried after Gong Yexiao.


Tang Weiwei stood at the door, stunned. Her mind went completely blank. OMG! My God! Huge news, such an earth-shattering news! Gong Yexiao’s only son was the son of her boss.

How was she supposed to explain this to Cheng Liyue?

Moreover, she was now in a meeting with an important client. Would she be able to pick up her phone?

No matter how dense she was, Tang Weiwei knew how to get her priorities straight[1]. She had to make the call.

What if he had been abducted by Gong Yexiao? Goodness, why was she having such an absurd thought?


Chapter 22: Carried Off By Daddy


[1] 轻重缓急[qīng zhòng huǎn jí] =  order of priority/ relative importance or urgency = solve problems in order of importance and urgency; according to the urgency of the case.

11 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 22

  1. Wtf Yuze how can you just go off with him without any resistance? I know you’re happy to find out that he’s your dad BUT Liyue brought you up for so many years and you already know that she will go crazy with worry once you’re mising. So much for protecting your mum…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ugrahahaflufflymcgrurgsteen!!!
    Hot crap!!

    Moment of calm.
    Pardon my language in the recent chapters.
    My child protection instincts have flared. And I’m also.
    Very pissed.

    Moment over.

    Urgalicious mc flufflepants!! Holy crap!! PIECES OF SHIT!
    Ugh gaahhhh!!!!!!
    I have the feelings of a mother right now protecting her cubs.


  3. Uh…did he just abduct her kid???? I mean…she doesn’t know you from Adam and you can’t remember her face (though you vaguely remember the deed), so what right do you have to just take him?? No matter the money, you aren’t on the birth certificate– unless it works completely differently in China.


    1. Yeah, it’s got to have something to do with having an heir. Or proving he is stable. Or proving he is not gay. HAH! It’s probably the last choice.


  4. I hope Tang Wie will not call her in the middle of her meeting. What a pleasant surprise to know that his father is the richest man in the city or nation. Smart kid to play Cupid later to his parents. Thanks for the update and looking forward for the next. Have a blessed day.


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