PDSA Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Scared Out of Her Wits

This little boy was well-loved by everyone. Anyone who took a look at him would want to carry him off.

Tang Weiwei picked up her phone and put in a call to Cheng Liyue. On the other end of the line, Cheng Liyue answered with her voice lowered, “Hey, Weiwei, is anything the matter?”

“Liyue jie, there’s something I need to tell you. Your son was carried off by a man.” Tang Weiwei said hastily.

Cheng Liyue promptly cried out in alarm. “What?”

“Liyue jie, don’t be anxious. I know the person who has carried off your son. Are you done with work? If you are done with work, hurry up and go to the Gong Corporation to find Gong Yexiao and get your son back.”

In a cafe next to the Lu Group, Cheng Liyue grabbed her bag and hurried to the door. Raising her voice, she urgently asked Tang Weiwei, “Who is this Gong Yexiao? Why did he take my son?”

“Gong Yexiao said your son is his son. He asked you to find him.” Tang Weiwei was somewhat perplexed.

At this moment, Cheng Liyue who was walking out the door with her bag, grew anxious to the point where she was about to go mad. “Where is this Gong Yexiao?”

“His company is right across ours. That pyramid-like skyscraper.”

Cheng Liyue’s mind went blank. That skyscraper? After she hailed a cab outside the cafe, she spoke to the driver in a rush. “Head to the Gong Corporation, please hurry up.”

The driver immediately stepped on the gas pedal and the cab picked up speed. Cheng Liyue ended the phone call and then dialed Linda’s number. “Linda, head upstairs to wait for Shen Junyao. I have to leave now.”

“Alright.” Linda answered without prodding further.

Cheng Liyue then hung up her phone. Her mind was filled with thoughts of her son. Darn it, who was this Gong Yexiao? Why did he take her son away? Why did this little boy fail to maintain his vigilance?

As soon as she managed to find him, she must spank his little butt.


Cheng Liyue had waited for more than an hour. Shen Junyao was late. She had even asked her assistant to deal with Cheng Liyue first. She knew that Shen Junyao was deliberately tardy. But now, Cheng Liyue was not in the mood to wait on her.

She was mulling over the words Tang Weiwei had just said. “Gong Yexiao said that your son is his son.” Darn it. Where did this man spring up from trying to rob her of her son?

Because the Lu Group was not far from the Gong Corporation, she arrived there in just twenty minutes. Handing over some cash to the driver, she hurried out of the cab without waiting for her change.

She hastened to the entrance of the high-rise building and raised her head up to look at the towering skyscraper. Without thinking twice, she rushed in.

She entered the lobby and immediately approached the front desk. Face taut with anger, she said to the receptionist, “I’m Cheng Liyue and I’m looking for Gong Yexiao.”

This sentence caused all eight of the receptionists to swivel round to stare at her.

The front desk had received an instruction well in advance. One of them walked out from around the counter and smiled at her. “Ms. Cheng, please follow me.”

Cheng Liyue was surprised. Following her to the elevator nearby, the receptionist swiped a card to access the elevator. And the two stepped in.

Cheng Liyue was panic-stricken. The whole way here she had been anxious to meet her son that she had completely forgotten about this Gong Yexiao. At this moment, she questioned the receptionist by her side, “May I ask what does Gong Yexiao do here?”

The receptionist looked at her in astonishment. “President Gong is our company’s big boss!”

Cheng Liyue was dumbstruck. Gong Yexiao was the owner of this skyscraper? Then, how was he in any way related to her son?


 In the president’s office

There was a heap of snacks in front of the little boy. Gong Yexiao was seated beside him. The pair of father and son had been interacting with each other for more than half an hour. Their affections for one another were rapidly deepening.

15 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 23

  1. Piece of shit.
    I’ll butn that man to ashes and piss on his ashes and use them to paint a portrait of his face and then toss it into a volcano.
    A sacrifice to his damned soul forever spent in eternity of hell.


    1. somtime like that most of the time hapens but along witch what you wrote the principal couple have a lot of misunderstanding before they declare they love and in some cases they marry first and later develop their love or declare they love later


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