PDSA Chapter 28

Gong Yexiao’s narrowed eyes swept over Cheng Liyue’s face. It was evident that she agreed because she was tender-hearted.

“Daddy, is your house big? Is it pretty? Are there toys?” The little boy was bubbling with excitement.

“Have you ever seen a castle?”

“Yes! It’s very, very big.”

“Daddy lives in a castle.”

“Wow! Sure enough, daddy is really rich.” Wide-eyed, the little boy gasped in admiration. Then turning to Cheng Liyue, he said, “Mommy, I didn’t lie to you! Daddy is super rich.”

Cheng Liyue was left speechless. What had his wealthiness got to do with her?

“Daddy, I’ve got something to tell you! Mommy is being bullied by a bad aunt. Daddy, you must help mommy to vent her anger and back her up. That way she wouldn’t be pushed around by that bad aunt any more.”

Gong Yexiao immediately fixed his gaze on Cheng Liyue. His intense and complex expression was inscrutable.

Cheng Liyue’s face flushed, somewhat embarrassed. Looking at the little boy sternly, she said, “Don’t speak carelessly of my affairs. Who said I was being bullied?”

Blinking his big eyes, the little boy was at a loss. At this moment, the corners of Gong Yexiao’s mouth rose into a smile. “Okay, I’ll be her backing. Tell me, which bad aunt is it?”

Cheng Liyue was completely stumped. Were his words true or false? Or was it said to deceive her son?

“Mommy, what’s the name of that bad aunt? You can tell daddy!”

“Your mommy is capable of handling her own affairs. There’s no need for help.” Cheng Liyue stiffly replied. She wanted to keep her distance from this man. Why would she even want his assistance?

Besides, wasn’t he going to sue her? If it wasn’t for her son, even if she were beaten to death, she wouldn’t have agreed to go to his place for dinner tonight.

Of course, she could beg off by simply coming up with an excuse. However, she just couldn’t stand back and do nothing as she watched this man lure her son away. What if he’d managed to wheedle his way into her son’s heart and her son ended up favoring him?

No, she definitely had to keep an eye on them. She knew that to win this lawsuit, her son had to be on her side.

Just then, her cell phone rang. Delving into her handbag, she saw that it was Linda who called.

Glancing at her son, she said,”Mommy, will be outside taking this call.”

After that, she picked up the call, answering it as she hurried out the door.

“Hey, Linda.”

“Liyue, there’s no way around it. Mrs. Lu wants to see you. Do you have time to come over now?”

“I… There’s some matters on my end… ” Before she could even finish her sentence, she heard a slight rustle on the other end that was a result of Linda’s phone being taken from her.

“Let me talk to her!” It was Shen Junyao’s voice.

Cheng Liyue felt her heart clenched. Shen Junyao’s angry voice reached her ears. “Cheng Liyue, how do you handle your work? Aren’t you aware that the customer is king? Do you know how much I have to pay to commission this design of yours? No matter what you’re doing now, you’d better appear in front of me. Otherwise, I will definitely make a complaint about you.”

Biting on her lips, Cheng Liyue replied. “Okay, I’ll come over now.”

“You’d better obediently show up. I just found out that your boss is affiliated with my Lu Group. It wouldn’t take much to have you fired.” Shen Junyao sniggered and ended the call.

Cheng Liyue silently fumed. This Shen Junyao was being too much of a bully. She had suppressed her feelings regarding the events that had happened four years ago. And now four years later, she still had to be tormented by her?

But she had to keep her job. If she were to lose her job, how would she be able to come up with a defense against Gong Yexiao’s lawsuit? Would the court give her child custody if she was unemployed? At this crucial moment, this job was all the more important to Cheng Liyue.

Turning around, she pushed open the opulent office door and saw Gong Yexiao and the little boy chatting away. Cheng Liyue walked up to them. Gazing at her son after giving Gong Yexiao a glance, she said, “Xiao Ze, I’ll be taking you home now so that you can play with Aunt Tang, alright?”

“But aren’t we having dinner at daddy’s place tonight?” The little boy’s face was filled with anticipation.

“I know. When mommy gets off work, I’ll bring you there okay?”

Gong Yexiao arched his brow and let out a laugh. “Why the hassle? Xiao Ze will stay right here with me. I won’t be at ease if he was to be left in the care of a stranger.”


Chapter 28: Shen Junyao Causes Trouble

10 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 28

  1. I don’t know why but reading about how much Yuze wants to stay with Yexiao right now even when Liyue is so stressed out is making me really angry. I know Liyue really loves Yuze but at this moment I feel like she should just leave him with Yexiao for a few days since he’s so happy to push his own mother into a pit *rolls eyes*

    Now I know why someone on NovelUpdates commented that the story is good but the son made the plot seem less interesting. Hopefully it gets better in the future


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    He’s slightly less upsetting then the Shen Junyao woman.

    But ugh! Little bean! You are getting deceived by money and riches!!


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