PDSA Chapter 31

In the car

She looked out the window at the fleeting scenery. Cheng Liyue knew that Shen Junyao was deliberately showing her car off. If Gong Yexiao’s chauffeur was not waiting for her, Shen Junyao would undoubtedly be preening in self-satisfaction. The thought of Shen Junyao throwing a tantrum now filled Cheng Liyue with delight.

This kind of feeling was quite pleasant. A vain woman such as Shen Junyao deserved to be on the receiving end of a face-slap by someone richer than her.

“Ms. Cheng, we will now be heading to President Gong’s castle.” The chauffeur said staidly.

Cheng Liyue glanced at the time and saw that it was almost five in the afternoon. Giving him a nod, she replied, “Alright.”

The car headed towards the direction of the city center, driving straight onto a wide road which had hardly any traffic on it. It seemed to be a road that was exclusively for Gong Yexiao’s use. Sure enough, the road led directly to Gong Yexiao’s castle that was surrounded by green foliage.

Huge, gray edges of a building can be seen looming out of all the greenery, like a titan lurking in the depths of the woods.

When the car arrived at the gate to the front lawn of the castle, Cheng Liyue had long widened her eyes in incredulity. Gazing at the castle at a closer range, her eyes widened even more. This man had the ability to own a castle surrounded by greenery near the city center?

How much of a fortune does one need to amass before such a thing can be accomplished?

She gulped. But inside, she was feeling desolate. The richer this man was, the greater the chance of him taking her son away from her.

Standing at the entrance, Cheng Liyue saw both sides of the iron gates gradually opened, seemingly welcoming her in. Cheng Liyue inwardly marvelled as she passed the majestic castle gate. Walking up several rows of marble stairs leading to the door, she stepped into the palatial hall. Compared to the splendor of the castle, the furnishings in the hall were more extravagant causing one to be awestruck. At this moment, a middle-aged man walked up to her and smiled. “You must be Ms. Cheng!”

“Yes. Has Gong Yexiao returned?”

“Master Gong is with the young master watching a movie in the movie theater on the third floor.” The housekeeper answered.

Looking at the spiral staircase, Cheng Liyue strode towards it without the slightest hesitation. Behind her, the housekeeper who was about to mention something, quietened.

Master Gong had informed him that whatever demands Ms Cheng made, he must not disobey.

Quickening her pace, Cheng Liyue reached the third floor. The entire floor was designated as an entertainment zone. It had a luxurious gym, a billiard room and even a lounge room equipped with a bar! Reaching a room with closed doors, she thought to herself that this must be the movie theater. Stretching out her hand, she pushed the door open.

She saw the noble figure of Gong Yexiao sitting on the dark, wide sofa. When she opened her mouth to speak, he silenced her with a shush. She lowered her gaze to find the little boy sleeping soundly in his arms.

Cheng Liyue immediately grew jealous. Apart from falling asleep by her side, the little boy would not be able to fall asleep beside anyone else. It was unexpected that he would be able to fall sleep in Gong Yexiao’s arms.

Walking over to his side, Cheng Liyue leaned forward to draw her face near her son’s. She whispered, “Xiao Ze, it’s mommy.” She then picked him up from within Gong Yexiao’s embrace and gently bounced the little boy just like in the past when he was still a baby, as she soothed him to sleep.

The little boy yawned. Drifting in and out of sleep, he opened his eyes to have a glimpse of his surroundings. Seeming to have breathed in his mommy’s scent, he didn’t rouse further and continued sleeping.

“Take him to my room and tucked him into bed there.” Gong Yexiao said with his deep voice.

Cheng Liyue actually wanted to sleep with her son in her arms, but it was too dark here and she didn’t want to stay, so she went out with her son in her arms.

Gong Yexiao looked at her petite, delicate figure. Although the little boy was only three years old, but he was over one meter tall. It was undoubtedly strenuous for Cheng Liyue to carry him.

“Let me.” Gong Yexiao feared that she wasn’t able to carry him steadily and would end up dropping him.

Cheng Liyue immediately tightened her arms around her son and looked at him guardedly. “No, you lead the way.”

Gong Yexio walked towards the elevator and stretched out his hand to push the button to the fourth floor.


Chapter 31: The Little One Is Asleep



[Source: Tjolöholm Castle]


[Source: Michael Bay’s Home Cinema]

12 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 31

    1. LOL. This had me re-reading the raws to see if I had been mistaken. But nope, the boy is really over a meter tall. I did some googling and read that for three-year-old boys, their height can range anywhere from 35.5 to 40.5 inches. So i guess it’s possible for him to exceed a meter in height. Guess he might just have a higher calcium intake…?

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    2. He is not supposed to have 3 but is he as tall as a child of 5? According to a health guide, a 5-year-old child should measure 105 cm, that is, a little more than one meter


  1. Is that all rich daddies can do? Immediately claim the child from the mother who cared and gave birth to the child despite having to suffer (potentially) from depression and oppression after losing everything? Did he even bother to have the mother fully investigated despite him being the so called ‘richest’ dude? You got money bro, use it. Rather than making assumptions your (few days known) kid had a wronged childhood…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope they can remain civil to one another . I hope that Gong Yexiao will support her as the child’s mother and not take him away from her.


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