PDSA Chapter 32

Standing in the elevator, Cheng Liyue looked at the little boy’s soft, rosy cheeks, and couldn’t help giving him a few kisses. Gong Yexiao looked on with narrowed eyes. The coldness in his eyes seemed to have thawed. A woman was the most beautiful when she was overflowing with maternal love.

Reaching the master bedroom, Gong Yexiao pushed open the door. Cheng Liyue glimpsed in and was stunned when she saw the spacious and luxurious room.

Gong Yexiao lifted the covers and Cheng Liyue sat on the bed as she took off her son’s shoes. She then leaned forward and gently laid the little boy in bed. The little fellow let out a whimper then curled up his small body and continued sleeping.

Looking at his innocent and beautiful face, the man and woman who were in front of him held their breath momentarily for fear of waking him.

While Cheng Liyue was looking on, she felt the grim gaze of an intimidating person settled on her face. Her heart was thrown into turmoil. Of course, she knew who it was that was staring at her.

In this room, other than Gong Yexiao, there wasn’t even half of a ghost here.

Cheng Liyue furrowed her brows. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that the man had walked around the foot of the bed to stand behind her. She nervously rose to her feet. Turning around, she stared at the tall and compelling man.

“What are you trying to do?” Cheng Liyue looked at him warily.

Gong Yexiao’s face remained cold and impassive. He reached out to clasp her hand. “Let’s go out and talk.”

Since the incident four years ago, Cheng Liyue had become averse to the touch of a man. When she saw his arm extending forward, she instinctively retreated. She hit the edge of the bed behind her and stumbled. She looked like she was about to fall onto the little boy who was lying in bed.

Seeing this, Gong Yexiao reached out and swept her into his arms. Cheng Liyue who was flailing her arms as she sought to maintain her balance, found purchase. Her arms were firmly wrapped around the man’s neck. Like the finishing pose to the end of a ballroom dance, he bent forward and dipped her.

In an instant, their faces were only inches apart. Their breaths intermingled.

Cheng Liyue instinctively wanted to yelp in protest. She inhaled sharply and opened her mouth. The man knew that he was not in time to to block off her shout with his hand. So, he could only employ the quickest and most direct method to silence her.

His lips covered hers.

To stop her from screaming and waking the little boy.

In this very moment, an explosion went off in her brain. The imprints of his broad palms branded her waist. She was being kissed wildly on her lips by this man.

An ambiguous scent permeated the air.

She was about to go crazy. Her chaotic heart was pounding rapidly. It felt like her heart was about to burst out of her chest. What was this man trying to do?

There was a buzz in her brain. And her face was flushed red as if blood was about to ooze out.

Eyes narrowed, Gong Yexiao was stunned by the feeling of her soft, luscious lips. The sweet taste of this petite woman threw his mind into disorder. He couldn’t get enough of her taste and continued nibbling at her lips.

He skillfully entangled his hand in her hair to support her head and deepened the kiss.

Kissing intensely without pausing for air.

Cheng Liyue had long entered into a state of daze. Her mind went completely blank causing her to fail at putting up a struggle.

She could only helplessly watch as he wolfishly deepened his kisses. His tongue pried open her lips easily. Prodding her mouth, he teased her tongue with his.

Bastard! How dare he bully her in front of her son?

Goodness! What would happen if her son stirred and caught sight of such an indecent scene?

Pulling her arms away from his neck, she gave his chest a hefty shove in an attempt to stop him.

Gong Yexiao’s lips lifted into a smile and straightened her while giving her tender and luscious lips a final nibble before releasing her.

He had thought that this woman would be thrilled and appreciative, and would even start to fall for him.

Who could have expected the slap.

It resounded through the room.


Chapter 32: Bastard

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