PDSA Chapter 36

The next hour was spent watching the man in front of her setting her son off in peals of laughter. She was feeling somewhat unsatisfied in her heart. This man was adept at coming between her and her son.

After walking around the garden, it was already half past eight. On their way back, Gong Yexiao carried the little boy on his shoulders. The little fellow’s radiant laughter pierced the night.

Behind them, Cheng Liyue heard her son’s jovial laughter. The corners of her mouth curved up into a smile that she herself was not aware of.

As a mother, her son’s happiness was her happiness. This sort of feeling was one which she could not suppress.

Back in the living room, the little boy had been laughing till he had run out of strength. Holding the little fellow in his arms, Gong Yexiao could not resist kissing his soft cheeks causing him to become ticklish and break out in giggles. The smile on Gong Yexiao’s handsome face came from the love and indulgence in his heart.

Cheng Liyue came upon this scene and was stunned. The man who had spoken to her just now was like the devil himself, but at this moment he had turned into an angel.

Looking at her son sitting on the sofa, she said, “Xiao Ze, it’s time for a bath.”

“Mommy, can daddy give me a bath tonight?” The little boy immediately asked.

Cheng Liyue was somewhat angry. The way her son stuck close to Gong Yexiao was ridiculous.

Hearing this, Gong Yexiao looked over at her with a hint of smugness in his charming eyes. Grinding her teeth, Cheng Liyue fixed him with a glare.

“Okay, daddy, will give you a bath, let’s go! From now on, daddy will give you a bath every day.” Gong Yexiao was enjoying his son’s reliance on him.

En!” The little fellow bobbed his head in excitement and agreed.

Once they headed upstairs, Cheng Liyue discovered that the domestic help had all left. Cheng Liyue could not help but follow them upstairs. She seemed to recall that there were many bedrooms on the fourth floor. Tonight, after she had lulled her son to sleep, she would go to one of the rooms to sleep.

In the bathroom, Gong Yexiao gave the chubby kid a bath for the first time. It was a new experience for him. In the bathtub, the little boy’s skin had a fair and healthy complexion to it. Water was dripping down his hair. Under the bright light, the little fellow was very handsome and lovely. A pair of big, glistening eyes reminded him of the moment when he first saw Cheng Liyue.

Although the child’s features greatly resembled his, this pair of eyes was a copy of his mother’s — clean and clear, free from any impurities.

“Daddy, where are my grandparents?” Blinking his big eyes, the little boy asked inquisitively.

Gong Yexiao’s handsome face turned slightly grim. Giving him a gentle smile, he said, “They live abroad. I’ll arrange for you to meet them some other time.”

En!” The little boy was filled with anticipation.

Cheng Liyue walked into the master bedroom. Seeing the spacious room decorated in cool colors, a reflection of the virile man’s character, she could not help but walk to the balcony.

Gong Yexiao carried the little boy out of the bathroom. The little fellow had no clothes to put on. Gong Yexiao thought about the nursery that he had included when the castle was built. There was a closet in the nursery that contained spare clothes.

He wrapped the covers around the little boy and told him not to get down from bed. He then pushed open the door to the next room and took out a pair of pajamas that the little fellow could wear, and dressed him in them.

On the balcony, Cheng Liyue leaned her back against the railing and looked through the glass pane at the man who was putting PJ’s on his son. She had a hard time believing it. The image that others have of this man was that he was unfeeling, dignified, and all-powerful. But at this moment, in front of his son, he was the very picture of a stay-at-home dad.

The fact that her son had this sort of dad didn’t make it the end of the world.

Cheng Liyue shook her head. What was she thinking? Had she become soft-hearted just because he treated her son nicely?

Cheng Liyue pushed open the balcony door and entered. Gong Yexiao turned his gaze to her. “It’s your turn for a bath.”


Chapter 36: Father and Son Getting Along

16 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 36

  1. thank you so much for the update and your hardwork
    curious to read the next chapter.. whats going on if SJY know that number 1 richest and CLY have adorable son


  2. Thanks for the chapter!!

    I don’t hate them all…
    Thinking about their… first meeting.
    The guy was drugged by her best friend and shoved into the room with her.
    And she was just passed out on the bed.

    So…. mm. I can understand how she has less hate towards him then others.
    She doesn’t blame him for what happened at all. She knows and blames it entirely on her previous friends and family.
    I now understand why she doesn’t hate him.
    And she was really just aggressive in the beginning because her son was kidnapped by a mysterious person.
    But, after seeing the guy interacting with her son. She thinks and realizes, “he treats him well. As long as my bean is happy. Then I’ll be happy”
    Which she is. And shows in this chapter. She’s calmed and mellowed down and have thought things through.
    She realizes her son really wanted a father, and that having a father in his life, especially one who loves him, isn’t actually a bad thing. And the man isn’t dangerous at all.

    (Still. I hate him for kissing her. So uncalled for)

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