PDSA Chapter 38

En! I believe daddy will love mommy as much as I do.” The little boy then give Gong Yexiao a peck on his cheek. Gong Yexiao picked him up and could not resist giving him a few kisses. This was his kid! It filled him with a sense of satisfaction and pride.

In the bathroom, after having a bath, Cheng Liyue put on the wine-red nightdress. She had a height of 165cm and the nightgown fitted her like a glove. But it was just too revealing!

She tried to cover it up with her hands. The plunging neckline barely provided any cover, perfectly outlining her figure.

My God! Cheng Liyue was angry. She really didn’t want to put it on.

However, if she changed her mind, the man would definitely ridicule her. She didn’t want to appear like a coward in front of this man. After stalling and giving herself a pep talk, she emerged from the bathroom.

Thinking about it, other celebrities and socialites wore this sort of look on the red carpet all the time. It wasn’t that big of a deal to wear it in front of this man. After all, hadn’t he said that he wouldn’t even swallow someone like her.

Humph! How dare he looked down on her!

Cheng Liyue opened the bathroom door and stepped out confidently. Her long hair that had previously been tied up, now hung down her chest in waves. This was done deliberately to obscure the sight of her chest.

The man who was playing with the little boy in bed, immediately sat up when he heard the sound of the bathroom door opening. Seeing the woman who had stepped out of the bathroom, his guarded gaze revealed an incomprehensible darkness.

Damn, he hadn’t expected the woman wearing the nightdress to look that beautiful, like an alluring wood nymph who had just stepped out of an oil painting. There clearly hadn’t been much to her figure when she had been dressed up in a suit. He experienced a maelstrom of emotions. Under the glowing light, her face surrounded by tresses looked even more elegant and delicate. The wine-red nightgown set off her pale, luminescent skin. Spellbound, her beautiful figure and graceful posture caused him to become parched.

“Wow! Mommy, you look so beautiful in that dress!” Like his father, the little boy looked equally entranced.

Under the feral gaze of this man, Cheng Liyue instinctively covered her chest. Her heartbeat sped up for no reason. Giving him an angry glare, she remarked, “What are you looking at? Have you never seen a woman?”

The man on the bed swiftly exuded a cold aura. His narrowed obsidian eyes immediately glazed over. Letting out a snort, he replied, “Not much to look at.”

Listening to this, Cheng Liyue was somewhat unconvinced. “Then don’t look.”

“Daddy, mommy is now done with her bath. It’s your turn now.” The little boy urged him. He wanted to lie down between his parents and experienced the joy of having a complete family.

Gong Yexiao’s lips lifted into a smile. “Okay, daddy will now be taking a bath.”

Seeing him entered the bathroom, Cheng Liyue secretly sighed with relief. She said to the little boy, “Quickly lie down and stop jumping.”

The little fellow immediately burrowed into her embrace. Wrapped within the ash gray covers, his eyes glistened like the stars in the night sky. Cheng Liyue was overcome with affection for him. Her cherry-red lips smothered the little boy in kisses. The little fellow snuggled up to his mommy, feeling warm and happy.

With her body now under the covers, the feeling of shyness had fled. But her breath hitched when she caught the masculine scent emanating from the covers.

All she could smell was his clean, crisp scent. Even if she were to try, she could not avoid breathing it in.

After a while, there was the sound of the water being drained coming from the bathroom. Cheng Liyue knew that the man was done with his bath. Her body immediately tensed up as she felt inexplicably nervous. Although their son would be lying in the middle, she still felt a sense of danger.

My God!

How did she end up in his bed within just a day?

At this moment, the other end of the bed sank. Cheng Liyue saw that he was bare from the waist up. Lying on his side, he faced her.


Chapter 38: Not Much To Look At

6 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 38

  1. Okay! Sigh! Where do I even begin? Can she at least stand up for herself? God women in chinese dramas. I thought she learnt a lesson when the first one treated her like trash. Grow a fucking spine, woman. Letting your own son push you around. Lawsuit or whatever, I would’ve taken my child out of there right then if I were her. Hell, sleeping in the same bed because son wants them to? Be realistic will ya? UGHHHH!!!!

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