PDSA Chapter 39

His perfectly chiseled face was facing her. Cheng Liyue’s heart skipped a beat. She felt like it was about to burst out of her chest. It had to be said that this man was the most handsome man out of all the men she had ever seen.

She had previously thought that Lu Junxuan topped the list of good-looking men. Now, when she saw this man, she knew that this man was in a league of his own.

The little boy who was in the middle, was buzzing with excitement making him unable to lie still. One minute he was looking at his daddy and the next, he was looking at his mommy. Like a high-spirited puppy, he couldn’t contain his excitement. His small lips giving them kisses to and fro.

Cheng Liyue had to hold down the energetic child. “Okay, don’t move about. Go to sleep.”

The little boy quieted down. His small head did not impede her view, so Cheng Liyue’s gaze met the gaze of the man opposite her without any obstruction.

The man’s eyes were dark and deep, like two black holes pulling people into oblivion. They were not as cold as they usually seemed. They contained a raging inferno, ready to devour those in its way.

Cheng Liyue immediately closed her eyes so that she wouldn’t have to continue looking at him.

Although the little fellow had taken a nap in the afternoon, his body’s internal clock functioned as usual. It was already almost ten at night. Turning over, the little boy held Cheng Liyue’s face with his two chubby hands. This was a habit he had developed ever since he was young. As long as he was sleeping with Cheng Liyue, his small hands would instinctively reached over to hold her face.

Gong Yexiao thought it odd. Why was the little boy sleeping with his back to Gong Yexiao? Supporting his head with his arm, he leaned over to find the little fellow sleeping with his hands cupping his mother’s face.

This scene shocked him. It seemed that it would not be that easy for the little boy to leave this woman. It must be because his son had been living with her ever since he was born. If he were to forcefully remove him from his mother, his son would surely be unhappy without his mother.

So, it seemed that he had to live under the same roof as this woman for a period of time so that his son’s affections would gradually shift towards him.

The little boy held his mommy for a while, but he was still not yet asleep. He suddenly turned over to touch his small hands to Gong Yexiao’s handsome face. The corners of Gong Yexiao’s mouth lifted into a smile. Blinking up at Gong Yexiao with his big eyes, the little boy held Gong Yexiao’s face and closed his eyes to sleep.

Cheng Liyue could not fall asleep at all. Watching her son leave her side to hold onto Gong Yexiao, she felt a little jealous.

Just then, under the covers, she felt a long, lean leg pressing up against hers. Her eyes immediately fluttered open to glare at the man opposite her.

However, the man had his eyes shut, seemingly asleep, with his forehead touching his son’s.

Under the covers, his leg was resting boldly on hers. That scorching heat caused Cheng Liyue’s face to burn.

This man was so shameless.

She gently tugged her leg out from under his and then turned around so that her back was facing them. She edged towards the end of the bed, giving him no chance to act so shamelessly.

Closing his eyes, Gong Yexiao feigned sleep. But there was an inexplicable fire raging in his heart, causing him to feel restless.

He had never in his life made a move on a female, or had dirty thoughts about women. But this woman who was sleeping in his bed tonight caused him to feel out of sorts.

Feeling the soft and satiny sensation when his leg had been pressing up against hers had left little to his imagination.

Accompanying the little fellow to sleep, required him to actually feign sleep. Otherwise if the child was aware that the adults were not asleep, then the child would also try to stay awake. At this moment, Gong Yexiao heard his son’s even breathing. He slightly leaned his head backwards. Glancing at the face of the little boy sleeping soundly, the edges of his mouth turned up in a doting smile. He gave the little boy a peck on the forehead.

Cheng Liyue was attentively keeping an ear out for any movement from her son. Seeing that her son remained motionless, she figured he was most likely asleep.

She immediately lifted the covers and gently got out of bed.

Suddenly, a deep, husky voice from behind her questioned, “Where are you going?”

Turning her head, Cheng Liyue eyed her son’s sleeping figure. She lowered her voice and said, “I’ll be sleeping next door. You can keep Xiao Ze company!”

Hearing that she was leaving, his handsome face clouded over as he fixed her with a stare. “No, we must sleep together.”


Chapter 39: Must Sleep Together

9 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 39

  1. GXY please pursue LCY
    is GXY already fall in LCY ,?
    Xiao Ze please act matchmaker for your mom and Dad..
    Thank you so much for updating this novel πŸ™πŸ™


  2. Yexiao has a fire in him burning so hot that he is having a hard time controlling himself. And Liyue wants to escape.What did Yexioa think he could do with Xiao Ze in the bed?

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    1. GXY can touch lower body of LCY under blanket.. ha ha ha..
      I think between GXY and LCY can not sleep entire night πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


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