PDSA Chapter 42

Linda could only sigh. “Alright. Once you’re done with the revised design, let me have a look. Shen Junyao seems to be completely clueless about it.”

“She has been Mrs. Lu for quite some time. Besides ordering others around and giving unwarranted criticisms, I figure there isn’t a need for her to lift a finger at anything else.” Cheng Liyue replied drily.

“Then I will have to inconvenience you.”

Cheng Liyue returned to her office. Tang Weiwei came over and asked with a smile, “Liyue jie, what about Xiao Ze?”

“He’s at the Gong residence.”

“Is Gong Yexiao really his father?”

En! Don’t spread this matter around. It wouldn’t be good for Xiao Ze.” Cheng Liyue raised her head and softly warned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely not spread this around. But news has spread from the front desk regarding you and Gong Yexiao.”


“That Gong Yexiao is pursuing you.”

The pen Cheng Liyue was holding immediately slipped from her grasp. A blush stained her face. “What nonsense is this person spouting?”

“I don’t know who was it that spread this. But that’s what everybody has been saying. Liyue jie, do you not know that you’re the envy of all the women in this company!”

Cheng Liyue was speechless. Gong Yexiao was pursuing her? If word got out, everyone would definitely be laughing their heads off.

Cheng Liyue dragged in a deep breath. She stepped out of her office and silenced the whispers. She said with a stern face, “There’s no need to guess anymore. I have absolutely nothing to do with Gong Yexiao. How could a man of his status possibly set his sights on me?”

“Liyue jie, but Gong Yexiao personally came here to find you yesterday!”

“He just had some matters to ask me.”

“Then Liyue jie do you like Gong Yexiao? This is such a good opportunity. You should seize it!”

“I’m not interested in him.”

All the ladies around her were flabbergasted. They finally met a woman who did not fawn over Gong Yexiao.

“Are you being serious? He is a man of the highest caliber. Liyue jie, you’re not satisfied with such a man?”

“I’m not interested in any man.” After saying this, Cheng Liyue returned to her office. With her head clutched between her hands, she began to ponder over the adjustments that should be made to Shen Junyao’s ring.


Gong Residence

Gong Yexiao held the report containing detailed information of Cheng Liyue in his hand. Early this morning, he had someone have her investigated.

Reading that she had been in a marriage four years ago, his brows creased. This woman had been married?

Thinking that the woman oozing with sensuality in the nightdress last night, had been appreciated and had even been caressed by someone else, he felt deranged.

“Lu Junxuan?” Gong Yexiao quietly read out the name of Cheng Li Yue’s ex-husband.

He hadn’t expected her ex-husband to be the current president of the Lu Group, Lu Junxuan. Gong Yexiao’s expression darkened. Six months of marriage meant that everything he thought could happen would have happened.

This woman had been touched. Gong Yexiao tossed the report aside somewhat displeased, no longer having the mood to look at it.

It was like having been bitten by a dog. He felt utterly deranged and depressed.

“Daddy… Can we go now?”

Wearing a cap on his head, the little boy walked downstairs. They were going to shop for toys. Daddy was planning to build a huge playground for him on the lawn.

Gong Yexiao’s gaze softened as he looked at the little boy. Fortunately, this little fellow had inherited all his gene, and was entirely conceived from him. Gong Yexiao reached out to pull him into a hug and gave him a kiss. “Let’s go!”

“Yeah! We’re going to buy toys!” The little boy spun around in excitement.

Gong Yexiao laughed and took his little hand. The steward had his gray sports car readied. The little boy let out a gasp. Gong Yexiao personally opened the door for him and made sure his seat belt was fastened.


Chapter 42: Deranged

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    1. S/B impotent not incompetent. He is having an affair with Shen Junyao her friend. I hope GY will find the truth why she got divorced. GY was disappointed that she was married before. He should had known if she was virgin or not.

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    1. coz when GYX gone while he was still drunk
      i am curious what’s author will write about evidence about GYX only the man who touch and life bed of CLY


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