PDSA Chapter 43

At noon, Cheng Liyue was busy making the adjustments to her design until her head hurt. Shen Junyao’s request did not conform to the standards. There were still many areas that needed revision.

Around twelve, Linda knocked on her office door and said to her, “Liyue, let’s go have lunch together.”

“I’ll just eat at the cafeteria.” Cheng Liyue lifted her head to reply.

Linda looked at her, feeling sorry. “No. I haven’t treated you to a meal since you came back. Let’s go! Lunch is on me.”

Unable to turn down her generosity, Cheng Liyue stood to her feet and picked up her handbag and followed Linda out. In just four years, the city had developed rapidly and had changed a lot.

Walking to the parking lot, Linda abruptly halted in her steps. “I left my car keys on the table!”

“It’s lunch time. It would be troublesome to wait for the elevator.” She let out a laugh. “I happened to drive to work today. I’ll drive.”

Linda was surprised. “You’ve bought a car!”

Cheng Liyue explained sheepishly, “A friend temporarily lent it to me.”

“Okay then, we’ll take yours.” Linda responded.

Walking into the parking lot, Cheng Liyue took out the key and pressed the unlock button. The sound of the car being unlocked rang crisply through the air. Linda raised her head and saw the lights to a white Bugatti sports car flashed.

“This one?” Linda’s eyes rounded in shock.

Cheng Liyue bit her lower lip and replied, “En! My friend is quite wealthy.”

“You mean extremely wealthy! Going as far as to lend you a sports car.” Clicking her tongue, Linda opened the door to the passenger seat and got in.

Cheng Liyue started the car and drove out of the parking lot. Linda who was sitting beside her was delighted. “How smooth!”

Cheng Liyue had on an awkward smile. This was Gong Yexiao’s car. She was feeling somewhat embarrassed to drive it.

Following Linda’s direction, they arrived at the entrance of a fancy restaurant. The car was directed to the VIP parking lot. It was probably because of the car that they received special treatment.

Linda felt honored. Getting out of the car, the two of them walked into the restaurant. The refined ambience here suited its high-end clientele.

After making their orders, Cheng Liyue and Linda discussed business. Time flew by. Around half past one, both of them were done with their meal and were ready to leave.

“Linda, give me a minute. I’ll make a quick run to the washroom. Some oil got onto my hands, I need to rinse it off.” Cheng Liyue handed Linda her handbag.

Linda took it. Cheng Liyue went straight to the washroom to rinse her hands. After she was done, she wiped her hands with a paper towel and exited the washroom with her head lowered.

Coincidentally, a person from the the men’s washroom also came out, and the two almost collided into each other.

“I’m sorry.” Cheng Liyue promptly apologized. She raised her head to look up at the man who she had almost bumped into. The man looked at her and their eyes met.

The expression on Cheng Liyue’s face changed instantly. It was Lu Junxuan.

Lu Junxuan was also surprised. He hadn’t expected to meet Cheng Liyue in a restaurant. After four years, he had almost forgotten the existence of this woman. Unexpectedly, they came across each other.

The present Cheng Liyue was elegantly dressed in a suit, giving off an air of competence. Her hair was tied back in a sleek ponytail revealing an exquisite, clear and bright face, and a calm gaze. She now exuded a charm that she had lacked four years ago when she was but a frail girl.

Lu Junxuan’s eyes widened.

Cheng Liyue was more than eager to leave. Lu Junxuan’s hand suddenly clasped onto her arm and said with a low voice, “Cheng Liyue.”

“Let go.” Cheng Liyue’s voice was sharp and cold.

The next sentence that came out of Lu Junxuan was, “How have you been all these years?”

Cheng Liyue turned to look at him and gave him a derisive smile. “I led a good life. Are you satisfied now?”

This man was once someone she had loved deeply and had given him her all. She had thought that in this lifetime he would be her pillar of strength. But in the end, he had ruthlessly stabbed her wounding her grievously.

At this moment, she only felt a deep hatred towards him. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of affection left in her heart for him. Compared to a stranger, he was of an even less significance to her.

Lu Junxuan gave her a quick once over. The present Cheng Liyue was like a lotus in full bloom — radiating with purity and exquisite fragrance, inducing admiration in a person.

“Lu Junxuan, let go.” Cheng Liyue said coldly. She jerked her arm out of his hand and left the hallway in a hurry. Lu Junxuan followed behind her.

The past four years had added on maturity and elegance to Lu Junxuan. He now had more riches and carried himself differently. His gaze was fixed on the figure of Cheng Liyue. It just so happened that he was also heading downstairs.

Cheng Liyue took her handbag from Linda’s grip and said to her, “Let’s quickly leave!”

Looking at her eagerness to leave, Linda was surprised. “What’s wrong?”

Cheng Liyue replied in haste, “There’s someone here that I do not want to see.”

In the end, she still experienced some panic. Cheng Liyue had thought that she could calmly face this man. However, his appearance still caused her to feel on edge.

Lu Junxuan reached the bottom floor and was only a few steps behind her. He looked at the delicate figure in front of him. He was quite surprised. He had initially thought that life would be difficult for Cheng Liyue since she had been left with nothing. But the woman in front of him now exuded an air of elegance and confidence.

Over the years, Lu Junxuan did not dare to think of her because he was ashamed. The more he emerged as a prominent figure in society, the more he reflected on his disgraceful past and wanted to make it up to Cheng Liyue.

However, he was not able to do so because he couldn’t track her down.

Now that he had met her and knew that she had returned to ‘A’ City, his desire to make it up to her surged all the more fiercely in his heart.

Linda turned to glance behind her and saw a man dressed in a gray suit. The tall man seemed to be following after them. The man stared fixedly at Cheng Liyue’s figure. She then guessed his identity.

It couldn’t be that Cheng Liyue had met her ex-husband!

Lu Junxuan’s car was also parked in the direction that Cheng Liyue was walking towards. Cheng Liyue was anxious to avoid Lu Junxuan. She took out the car key and pressed the unlock button. The white sports car rang out in response.

Watching her opened the door to the driver’s seat of that car, his handsome face was stunned. How did Cheng Liyue managed to drive a luxury sports car?

Cheng Liyue pulled out of the parking lot. As she drove past Lu Junxuan, his shocked expression was reflected on the window. Looking at Cheng Liyue’s skillful manner as she drove the sports car and her alluring and charming appearance, his heart quickened.

On the road, Linda asked, “Was that your ex-husband just now?”

“That’s him.” Cheng Liyue gave a contemptuous smile.

“Looks indeed can be deceiving.” Linda scoffed.

Cheng Liyue sneered. She will never forget how he took her father’s shares away from her four years ago, forcing her to sign the papers with that despicable look on his face.

“Cheng Liyue, you have such a good friend. Lending you this sports car and letting your ex-husband see it. He must have been really surprised! Your social circle isn’t that bad to be able to drive such a luxury sports car.”

Cheng Liyue smiled bitterly. Gong Yexiao’s usual grim face flashed across her mind. It was also thanks to him that she was able to deliver a slap on Shen Junyao’s face.

But this man was snatching her son from her!


Chapter 43: Running Into Trash



TL Note: So i posted a pic of a white Mercedes a few chapters back, but the car that CLY picked is apparently a white Bugatti. My bad. :mrgreen:

se1-image-f57d3abe01ad923b3b5fb2ad7893dc5c[Source: Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport]

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  1. I must say, at least this man felt guilt, but then again, if he really felt ashame of his past actions then he should have given her shares back, clear her name, and divorce the scheming woman


  2. Ew. Ew . Ew . Ew. Ew

    You get no sympathy from
    Me. It’s too late now you pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic man.

    Holy shit. AND UGH THIS MC S SOFT AND SQUIDHY. Kick him in the balls. He deserves a good kick.
    She should’ve.
    Damn. She should’ve.
    DO IT


  3. thank you so much for the updating
    Will CLY ‘s ex husband will pursue her now ?
    Hope GYX pamper CLY and give people know that GYX pursue and Love CLY
    GYX please taken back CLY company from her ex husband..
    and merger one with your company
    Is the CLY’s elegant dress wear today from GYX house

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  4. thank you so much for the updating
    Will CLY ‘s ex husband will pursue her now ?
    Hope GYX pamper CLY and give people know that GYX pursue and Love CLY
    GYX please taken back CLY company from her ex husband..
    and merger one with GYX company


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