PDSA Chapter 44

Cheng Liyue was revolted by this afternoon’s meeting with Lu Junxuan. And now, she had to deal with Shen Junyao’s diamond ring. The irony.

At six in the evening, she drove back to the Gong Residence. In actual fact, she didn’t want to come, but her son was here. Where else could she go? Wherever her son was, there she would be.

The Gong castle was surrounded by greenery. Like a grand palace with lights illuminating the entire place, a majestic atmosphere pervaded the area.

Once Cheng Liyue walked in, a small figure rushed towards her. The next second she was enveloped in a hug. His sweet voice called out her, “Mommy, mommy, you’re back!”

Cheng Liyue stooped down and returned his hug. She gave his little face a long kiss. This scene entered the sight of the elegant and forbidding figure who was standing on the stairs to the second floor. Gong Yexiao’s inscrutable gaze was fixed on the woman who had just returned. He appeared to be in deep contemplation.

It had never occurred to him that he had slept with a married woman back then. After he came back, he picked up the report once again and found out that she had not been divorced on the night he had slept with her. She had only become a divorcee a week after they had slept together.

It caused him to speculate whether the reason for her divorce had been because they had slept with each other that night.

“Xiao Ze, why don’t you go up to the second floor to play with your toys. I have something to discuss with your mommy.” Gong Yexiao’s deep voice rang out as he looked intensely at his woman.

Cheng Liyue raised her head up to glance at the gorgeous man looking like he had just stepped out of a manga. She frowned. He was going to discuss child custody with her again?

“Mommy, daddy bought me lots and lots of toys today! I got my favorite robot, remote control plane, and an army tank!” The little boy gushed enthusiastically.

Who would have known that his mommy would direct a stern look at him. He immediately snapped his mouth shut. Feeling like he had been wronged, he gave her an innocent stare. Puffing his cheeks, he said, “I wasn’t the one who wanted to buy them. Daddy bought them for me. Mommy, don’t be mad, okay?”

Cheng Liyue lifted her head and immediately glared at the man who was walking towards them. “A child can’t be too used to this. You can’t just buy him everything that he wants even if you have the money to do so. You can’t ruin my son’s upbringing.”

Gong Yexiao arched his brow. This was what she thought of him?

“Can’t I spoil my son?” Gong Yexiao replied.

“Our ideas regarding our son’s upbringing must be aligned. Otherwise, what I’ve taught him all these years would be in vain.” Cheng Liyue reasoned.

Biting his lower lip, Gong Yexiao said to the little boy, “Head on upstairs to play. I want to talk to your mommy about matters concerning your upbringing.”

“Daddy, mommy, you both mustn’t quarrel! I’ll behave!” The little boy said, somewhat worried. He was afraid that his daddy and mommy would quarrel because of him.

“Don’t worry. I’ll have a nice chat with your mommy. There won’t be any quarreling involved.”

“Daddy, you’ve promised me that you will love mommy. You must give in to mommy.” The little boy immediately brought out their promise.

Gong Yexiao’s handsome face slightly froze. Just him and his son knowing about this promise would be enough. There really wasn’t any need to let this woman know about it.

Cheng Liyue had a sharp hearing and overheard their conversation. He even promised his son that he would love her? Was he that shameless? Having known him for only a few days, he had already threatened her several times, and even wanted to take her to court, was this his way of loving her?

After the little boy went upstairs, Gong Yexiao’s face was taut as he looked at her. “I promised our son that I will treat you very well on condition that you listen to me and not provoke me.”

Cheng Liyue huffed. “Who needs your love? I’m not lacking in men’s love.”

Hearing this, his face clouded over in an instant. He smiled scornfully, “Of course you’re not lacking in it. A married woman having one night stands. I see that you had been living life without any restraint.”

Cheng Liyue stared fixedly at him. “You had me investigated?”

“So Lu Junxuan was your husband?” Narrowing his eyes, Gong Yexiao questioned.

Lu Junxuan was the last person Cheng Liyue wanted to talk about. At the mention of his name, she would be overcome with revulsion and nausea. She gritted her teeth. “So what if he was? So what if he wasn’t? It doesn’t concern you!”

Gong Yexiao furrowed his brows. He taunted her. “Really? If that’s the case then why did you divorce him a week after sleeping with me? Does it really not concern me?”

Cheng Liyue’s heart gave a lurch. He even found out about this? Must this man drag up her misery?

“You can rest assured. My divorce from Lu Junxuan has got absolutely nothing to do with you.” Cheng Liyue replied through clenched teeth.

Gong Yexiao stared at her with a complex gaze. He didn’t believe what she had just said. But that wasn’t important. He coldly smiled. “Let me guess, you had an extramarital affair and was found out by your ex-husband? That’s why you were cut off from the family. Even the 15% shares in the Lu Group that had once belonged to your father was given to Lu Junxuan?”

Cheng Liyue was about to go crazy. This man had thoroughly investigated the events that had happened back then.

Darn it, it concerned him, but she didn’t want to discuss this with him now. She said boldly, “I don’t want to talk about my matters, so please don’t pry into my affairs in the future.”

Gong Yexiao narrowed his eyes. There was a feeling of displeasure in the depths of his heart. At the same time, he experienced an intense depression.

A lot of things could have happened in her six months of marriage to Lu Junxuan. If it really had nothing to do with him, then her being cut off from the Lu family was a result of her affair with some other man? And he wasn’t the only person she had slept with?

His gaze turned sharp. A hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. He said coldly, “Cheng Liyue, I’m warning you, since you’ve given birth to my son, then you’d better keep your private life clean.”

Cheng Liyue was displeased. Face flushed, she gathered her wits and retorted angrily. “You’re the one without a clean private life.”

“I don’t want my son to have a promiscuous mother as it will affect him.” The cold, mocking voice continued.

Blood was about to ooze out from her orifices. She was teetering on the brink of insanity. Where did he get off thinking she didn’t know how to restrain herself? Even if she didn’t keep herself in check, did it have anything to do with him?

“I am the master of my own life. You do not have the right to interfere in it.” Cheng Liyue was not in the mood to refute his statement. So she just left it at that, even though she felt a stifling pressure in her chest.

The man immediately became livid to the point where he was about to lose his temper. Seeing her cavalier attitude, Gong Yexiao exploded in rage.

“Don’t you dare hook up with a man.” He warned fiercely.

Cheng Liyue was taken aback and immediately retreated a few steps. Looking at the man who just blew up for no reason, she couldn’t be bothered to set things straight. She scoffed, “I won’t continue having this chat with you. I’m going to keep my son company.”

Looking at the woman who was walking up the stairs, Gong Yexiao yanked the collar of his shirt. His entire body felt heated from anger.

When he came to his senses, his handsome face displayed some shock. Damn, how could his temper become increasingly explosive ever since he met this woman?


Chapter 44: Interrogation

14 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 44

  1. Thank you for the fast updating..
    I think deep inside Yexiao wants Li Yue only for him ..unconscious slowly fall in the LiYue.. he feels jealousy..
    Ye XIao If you know about 15 % share of Li Yue fall in her ex husband .. so please take back that share and make that company under Li Yue and yours management.. take revenge to them for Li Yue please

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the gutsy her! If I were her after the meeting with the ex and still fuming inside, I would have been cowed by GY’s onslaught of cold harsh words😟
    Her retorts are so appropriate to reflect her stance and confidence! She has grown in the last 4 years, and I’m learning so much from her πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    Thank you for translating this novel! 😍


  3. Oh my god. Yayyyyy. She finally stood her ground. I’m so happy.
    Seeing the overbearing douche so stumped for words and losing his calm like a pubescent boy is sheer joy! Ahhhh! So delightful.


    1. What kind of investigators is he using? Each time only producing bits and pieces of her life. Why aren’t they doing a thorough investigation to see if she really did have multiple relationships prior to and during the marriage. What about investigating the EX- husband and family.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. True, it feels like the investigators are dumb for not finding everything. But i think that author would retort back by saying that it’s impossible to find and that the stuff about the 15% shares is easy to find because it’s not hidden/public knowledge.

      Sigh, the more i see them together being like that, the more i want to see them being in love with each other and being loveydovey.

      Also i wonder if she will creates some brothers or cute sisters to her son. Somehow that will be nice as long it doesn’t create a problem of succession.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Why would succession bee an issue. They would be the parents of all the children so Xiao Ze should be the chief heir, right?


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