PDSA Chapter 47

Her heart had been racing for quite some time.

She got out of bed and closed the door hastily making sure to turn the lock. She didn’t want the man to take advantage of her again in the middle of the night.

Gong Yexiao did not return but chose another room. But before he could sleep, he needed to extinguish the fire in his body.


Early morning

Cheng Liyue woke up, disorientated. A pair of beautiful big eyes loomed into sight. The little boy had already woken up. Holding his chin up with his hands, he beamed at her.

“Xiao Ze, you’re awake.” Cheng Liyue sat up and fondled his head.

“Mommy, where’s daddy? Where did daddy go? ” The little fellow asked curiously.

Her face flushed. Just thinking of what happened last night, got her annoyed. But her tone remained calm as she answered her son. “I’m not too sure either.”

“Why was it that you didn’t sleep in bed last night, and today it became daddy’s turn to not sleep in bed? Did you both quarrel? ” The little boy asked perceptively.

“It’s not like that!” Cheng Liyue forced out a laugh.

“Oh! Mommy, get up, let’s have breakfast. Daddy said he will bring me to his company to play today.”

“What will you be playing at his company?” Cheng Liyue was curious.

“Daddy’s company is so big and domineering, I just wanted to go there and play.” The little boy loved all things powerful. He had Gong Yexiao’s boldness running through his veins.

Cheng Liyue was at loss for words. Patting his head, she said. “Okay then. Go ahead and play. Recently mommy has been getting more busy with work.”

“Mommy, don’t worry. I will obediently listen to daddy.”

After washing up, the mother-and-son pair went downstairs. From the closet in the guest bedroom, Cheng Liyue had selected a blouse with floral print coupled with a high-waist skirt. She had a standard figure and therefore could work any type of clothes on her body.

When they came down, Gong Yexiao was already seated on the sofa, reading the newspaper. Holding her son’s hand in hers, Cheng Liyue shot a glare at the man.

She had yet to settle accounts with him.

Seeing her angry look, he cocked his eyebrow and gave her a devilish smile.

“Daddy, where did you go last night?”

“Daddy suddenly thought of some work that I had to complete last night and came out to work.” Gong Yexiao smiled.

“Oh! Daddy, let’s have breakfast. After we’ve finished eating, we can all leave together. That way you can send mommy to work.”

“I… I don’t need a lift.” Cheng Liyue didn’t want to be stuck with him. The incident last night had already cast a shadow on her.

“Are you sure? I won’t be lending you my car today. ”

“I can always call a cab!” Cheng Liyue was not intimidated by this.

“Any vehicle would have to get through security before they are allowed on the road leading to the Gong residence. Without my permission, unauthorized vehicles are not allowed in.”

Cheng Liyue fixed him with a stare and remained quiet. If she were to walk, half an hour of walking in her heels would certainly tire her out.

“Mommy, just ride in daddy’s car!” The little boy was worried for her.

“Xiao Ze, why don’t you have breakfast first? I have some matters to discuss with your daddy.” Cheng Liyue stooped down and said to the little fellow.

The little boy frowned and pouted in reluctance. “Daddy, mommy, why are you guys always whispering sweet nothings[1] to each other daily? Can’t you say them in front of me?”

Sweet nothings? Cheng Liyue was stumped for words.

“Your mommy and I are going to discuss passion and talk about love[2]. You wouldn’t understand.” The man arched his brow and laughed.

Discuss passion and talk about love? Cheng Liyue curled her lip. More like issuing threats and warnings.

“Really? When will daddy and mommy give me a younger sister?” The little boy asked excitedly. He longed for a younger sister.

A blush stained Cheng Liyue’s cheeks. She replied instantly. “There won’t be one. And I won’t give birth to one.”

“Son, go on ahead with breakfast. I will have a nice chat with your mommy regarding the matters of your younger sister.” Gong Yexiao sent the little fellow away. If this discussion were to go on any longer, it would certainly drive this woman up the wall!

“Okay! Remember to have one!” The little boy then dashed off to the dining room.

Cheng Liyue took in a deep breath and said irritatedly to the elegant man on the sofa, “Let’s go to the garden. I have something to say.”

Gong Yexiao was curious about what she wanted to say to him. He got to his feet and followed her out.

Cheng Liyue deliberately went a little further in order not to be heard by her son. When she turned around, she almost bumped into him because the man was right behind her. She hastily backed away a few steps.

“Gong Yexiao, if you want my son and I to continue living here, I will lay down three ground rules.” Cheng Liyue lifted her head to look him in the eyes.

Gong Yexiao arched his brow. His deep, sensual voice lazily sounded, “Alright. What are these three ground rules?”

Cheng Liyue gritted her teeth and said, “First off, there can never be a repeat of last night’s incident. From now on, you and I must not have any physical contact with each other. Secondly, we will be sleeping in separate rooms. Whether the little one wants to sleep with you or with me, it would be up to him to decide and I won’t interfere with his decision. Lastly, there isn’t and there wouldn’t be any sort of relationship whatsoever between us.”

“No relationship? So even if we had a child together, there isn’t any sort of relationship whatsoever between us?” Feigning ignorance, he asked with a smile on his face.

Seeing his cavalier attitude, Cheng Liyue flushed with rage. “Okay, I’ll take my son back to my house today. Don’t even think of seeing him again.”

“Then I’ll see you in court.” His deep voice carried a touch of provocation.

“Do as you please. Even if you were to forcefully take my son away from me, he will not want to live with you if I’m not there.” Cheng Liyue was absolutely sure of this.

His brows furrowed. “You intend to bring him back to your place tonight?”

“That’s right!” Cheng Liyue affirmed.

“Alright then. Come and pick him up after work.” Gong Yexiao spoke in clipped tones. “I’m hungry. I’ll be going in to have breakfast.”

Staring at his retreating figure, she was completely bewildered.

Didn’t he care about his son? Why was the man suddenly willing to let her take him away? Cheng Liyue couldn’t figure this out. This would mean her three ground rules had no effect.

If that was the case, then she would just take her son home. She wouldn’t have to stay here and get infuriated by him and be taken advantage of.

Having made up her mind, Cheng Liyue returned to the dining room for breakfast which tasted even more delicious now. She stole a glance at the man sitting opposite her. Just as he was gracefully eating, he happened to look her way. Their gazes locked. Cheng Liyue lowered her head to break her gaze.


After breakfast, Gong Yexiao drove a very low-key, but expensive black sports car from the basement garage. The revving engine sounded like a roaring beast, domineering and feral, just like it’s owner.


Chapter 47: Three Ground Rules



[1] 悄悄话 [qiāo qiao huà] = sweet nothings; private conversation; pillow talk
[2]  谈情说爱 [tán qíng shuō ài] = to discuss passion and talk of love (idiom); to express love with terms of endearment; bill and coo; courting
[3] 为什么,比眼睛大,她的眼睛也不小啊!MTL read ‘Why, bigger than the eyes, her eyes are not small!’ TL Note: Yeah, I’ve got no clue what is with this line.

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  1. Finally. She laid it down.

    She knows what would happen.
    And Xiao Ze is smart enough to know that if they were to go to court and finds out his Daddy is forcefully trying to take him away from his Mommy. He would choose his mommy no matter what

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