PDSA Chapter 48

Chapter 48: A Charming Man

The little boy immediately took the back seat which accommodated his small body. Cheng Liyue got in the passenger seat.

The little fellow was excited. “Yay, let’s head out!”

Gong Yexiao’s driving posture was charming. The way he maneuvered the car was steady and elegant. Cheng Liyue couldn’t help stealing a few glances at him. Her heart was beating rapidly.

Last night’s kiss abruptly came into mind. She turned to look out the window so that he would not be able to see the turbulent emotions in her eyes.

Gong Yexiao’s car pulled up outside the entrance to Cheng Liyue’s office. Many employees were going to work by taxi. His car stopped right outside her company like a road tyrant, drawing everyone’s attention.

When Cheng Liyue got off the car, she received many peculiar looks from her colleagues which caused her cheeks to heat up. Carrying her handbag, she hurriedly entered the building, forgetting to say goodbye to the little boy.


Gong Yexiao took the little boy to his company.

This area was part of a new urban district. It had only been three years since this area was developed. The Lu Group also occupied a plot in this area. However, in terms of grandeur, the Gong Corporation came out on top.


Lu Junxuan was driving to work today and was accompanied by Shen Junyao. She had on a dress, looking stylish and beguiling. Lu Junxuan remained unusually silent as he drove.

Shen Junyao thought it peculiar. “What’s the matter, Junxuan? Is anything wrong?”

Lu Junxuan kept his eyes on the road while contemplating whether to tell her what was on his mind.

“Junyao, I’ll tell you about it in a while. But I hope you won’t get angry.”

“Just say it. I will definitely not get angry!” Shen Junyao looked at him coyly.

Lu Junxuan drew the car to a halt alongside the road. Turning to look at Shen Junyao, he said, “I met Cheng Liyue at a restaurant yesterday.”

Shen Junyao widened her eyes. Feigning surprise, she replied, “Cheng Liyue? How could she possibly be here?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s her. She has returned.” Lu Junxuan nodded, looking serious.

“What does her return have anything to do with us?” Shen Junyao said disapprovingly.

Lu Junxuan kept quiet for a few seconds before continuing, “Back then, it was because of her father’s 15% shares that I managed to become the president. From a medium-sized enterprise to the present company having a market value of nearly 30 billion yuan, the 15% shares that she had given me contributed a lot.”

Noticing that his tone carried a trace of guilt, her face sank. “Junxuan, what do you mean? Do not tell me you plan on giving her back that 15% shares in the Lu Group?”

Lu Junxuan’s expression slightly changed. Shaking his head, he answered, “Now the 15% shares in the Lu Group is no longer the value that it was back then. I just want to give her a little compensation.”

“Junxuan, do you think she will forgive us for what we did back then? Besides, even if you planned on compensating her, she may not want it. Why do you want to go through all this trouble?” Shen Junyao tried to dissuade him. Of course, she knew that Cheng Liyue had returned and even knew where she was. But she hadn’t expected that her husband would run into Cheng Liyue.

Did Cheng Liyue arrange this chance encounter? Deliberately making her husband feel guilty towards her? Was this Cheng Liyue’s idea of a revenge? Ruthlessness flashed in Shen Junyao’s eyes.

“But I should at least give her some compensation. Maybe I can give her enough money to last her a lifetime.” Lu Junxuan sighed. In his mind, he thought back to yesterday’s encounter with Cheng Liyue. Unexpectedly, four years later, Cheng Liyue had changed into someone he couldn’t recognize.

“No. Giving her some compensation would tantamount to an admission of guilt for what we did back then. The incident was what she deserved. We need to completely cut her off. Junxuan, let her be, okay?” Shen Junyao took his hands. Her beautiful eyes silently implored him.

“The problem is that I don’t even know where to find her.” Lu Junxuan seemed regretful that he did not ask for her contact number yesterday.

Shen Junyao turned cold. She scoffed, “It’s better if you don’t know. It prevents you from doing foolish things. You go to the company! I’m going to look around.”

Shen Junyao opened the door and got out of the car. Lu Junxuan then continued on his way. Shen Junyao’s gaze fell on the office building not far away. It was where Cheng Liyue’s office was situated. She ground her teeth and let out a huff in resentment. “Cheng Liyue, I don’t care why you’re back but don’t even think of tearing my family apart.”

Shen Junyao hailed a cab. She was going to meet this woman.


At this moment, Cheng Liyue was drawing up another design.  At work, she was conscientious and diligent. Therefore, the end result of her efforts was satisfying.

However, today, there seemed to be more rumors about her circulating around the company. Tang Weiwei entered her office to tell her about it. After listening to her, Cheng Liyue gave her a wry smile. She was absolutely not interested in these rumors.


At the Gong Corporation, the little boy followed his daddy around. Gong Yexiao had a meeting scheduled for the morning. He carried the little fellow in with him. The little boy sat right next to him. The senior managers present at the meeting were all astounded at the resemblance the little boy bore to his father.

The little fellow did not make any noise or cause any disturbance. He just looked on as his daddy wisely handled the company affairs. He was in awe. Daddy was very great. In the future, he would like to be like his daddy managing a large company.


Twenty minutes later, Shen Junyao stood at the entrance to Cheng Liyue’s office building. After giving the building a glance, she immediately stepped in with a haughty expression on her face.

Her identity was known to everyone in the company, so no one stopped her when she entered.

Cheng Liyue was in the middle of a sketch when Tang Weiwei knocked on her door and walked in. “Liyue jie, Mrs. Lu is here.”

Cheng Liyue frowned. Why was Shen Junyao here? Does she want to change the design of her ring again?

Linda who had received the news of Shen Junyao’s arrival, went out to greet her. But Shen Junyao was here for Cheng Liyue. She said to Linda, “I just want to meet Designer Cheng. I’ll wait for her in the conference room. Bring me a cup of coffee.”

After becoming Mrs Lu, Shen Junyao was used to bossing others around. She was an expert at issuing orders. Even Linda who was the manager was ordered about like a servant.

Cheng Liyue who had just come from her office, looked at Shen Junyao coldly. “May I ask if Mrs. Lu has any more adjustment to make to the design?”

“Let’s talk.” Shen Junyao sneered while looking at her.

“If it’s a private matter, I do not have the time for it. I can only accompany you to discuss business.”

“It’s business.” Shen Junyao didn’t want to discuss things with her here. She strode to the conference room.

Cheng Liyue’s brows were knitted into a frown. She followed after her.

Once they arrived at the conference room, an assistant brought in two cups of coffee and left after closing the door.

Shen Junyao folded her arms and warned her coldly, “Cheng Liyue, stay away from Lu Junxuan.”

13 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 48

  1. Mrs. Lu is so worried that she doesn’t have what it takes to keep her man. Also she doesn’t want anyone to know what they did to acquire the company.

    thanks for this chapter.

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  2. I wished they’d all leave her alone.

    Yo Bitch.
    It was you who found her and tried to mess with her.
    She was just working in a small company that had NOTHING to do with you.
    These skanks are so oh my lord.

    And this Kunxuan bitch.
    You are worse then ML.

    And for some reason. Our ML is somehow…. INTERESTED in our girl?!
    What the heck brought that on.
    He was looking at her as if she was a slut a couple chapters ago….
    … or was that one kiss that good?
    Oh my lord.
    Don’t talk about MC being swayed by sex and the physical body.
    It’s more like ML is being swayed by the physical body.
    He’s kinda scum.
    But he embraces his scum so it’s like wow

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    1. Your comments. 😂

      I think he’s just so full of himself. He’s intrigued by her attractiveness and the fact that she’s not into him. It gives him a challenge and he enjoys that. I also just want that couple to leave the MC alone. She didn’t even care about them yet they have the audacity to go looking for her, like da fuk.

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    2. I noticed you liking them all lmao.

      Btw. I’ve been commenting since like chapter 1 lol. Feel free to go check them out too and liking them too~~~ Lol


      And yea. That is the consensus.
      I don’t know why he is so horny. “Haven’t touched a woman in 5 years” my ass. Like holy crap. The kind of shameless horny scum. Being able to be pure for 5 whole years?
      Even nuns don’t have that capability

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    3. You’re just really funny and I enjoy reading your comments. I’m gonna start stalking the comments section now, lol.

      He’s acting like a horny teenager. But if he’s that sexually frustrated, he should handle it himself and not throw himself onto her. Then again, the MC seemed to want him too. So idk. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    4. Ok well.
      When someone hot comes onto you.
      you can’t have NO reaction.
      That just means you aren’t human.

      … I’m sorry.
      If ML were to throw himself onto me.
      I would have a huge reaction.
      Ugh. He’s just too hot.

      Lol have fun reading my comments btw.
      Tbh. My early comments on this series isn’t really good.
      I was REALLY ANGRY lol. So my comments are pretty offensive in the early chapters


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