PDSA Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Earth-shattering Secret

Cheng Liyue’s expression darkened. Her gaze turned chilly as she looked at Shen Junyao. “Mrs. Lu, what do you mean by this?”

With arms crossed over her chest, Shen Junyao scoffed. “What do I mean? You still do not know? Today, Junxuan told me that he happened to meet you in a restaurant. Tell me, how did you guys coincidentally run into each other in such a big city? Are you deliberately creating opportunities to get close to him?”

Hearing this, Cheng Liyue sneered. “Why should I create opportunities to get close to a man who has cast me aside?”

The rage on Shen Junyao’s face did not diminish. She pointedly said, “Why? Of course, it’s because my Junxuan is rich. You want to earn his sympathy so that he will feel sorry for you and come to your aid. That way you’ll obtain some benefits from him.”

“Mrs. Lu, be more polite in your speech. Even if I were left destitute and have no money, I would absolutely not want Lu Junxuan’s pity nor his charity. If there is something I need from him, it’s the 15% shares in the Lu Group that he took away from me.” Cheng Liyue’s voice rang out loudly.

Listening to this, Shen Junyao’s pupils dilated. “You still want to get back that 15% shares?”

“But of course, it was mine to begin with. Back then, it was all of you who schemed against me. What you have snatched out of my hands, I want it to be returned. Is there a problem with that?” Cheng Liyue said coldly.

Shen Junyao gave a derisive laugh as if she had just heard a joke. “Cheng Liyue, it was clearly stated in the divorce papers that you were willing to give up the 15% shares and hand them over to Junxuan. Now, you want them to be returned to you? Keep on dreaming!”

It felt like her heart had been stabbed but she kept her chin up. Feeling unresigned, she replied, “This life is still long, who knows if I have the capability to do so in the future?”

“So, the encounter at the restaurant was not a deliberate move on your part?” Shen Junyao narrowed her eyes as she asked.

Cheng Liyue also understood that Shen Junyao said all these things in order to receive some reassurance from her. Cheng Liyue coldly responded, “If there is nothing else, I need to get back to work.”

Hearing her vague response, Shen Junyao immediately stopped her. “Tell me straight up. Did you intentionally arrange the meeting with Junxuan at the restaurant?”

“So what if I did or didn’t? I do not answer to you for the things that I do.” Cheng Liyue did not want to give Shen Junyao the satisfaction of being reassured. She pushed the door open and left.

Shen Junyao gnawed at her lips in rage. The expression on her face turned ugly. If she thought about it carefully, the answer laid in Cheng Liyue’s reply. But Shen Junyao simply could not be at ease because Lu Junxuan’s intention to sympathize with Cheng Liyue and to come to her aid had already materialized.

Cheng Liyue was like a ticking bomb that could blow up around Lu Junxuan at any time. Just like what she had done back then, it was possible that Shen Junyao would snatch Lu Junxuan from her at any time. Shen Junyao dared not let her guard down.

Moreover, there are some things that only Shen Junyao herself was aware of. She had always thought Lu Junxuan would love her forever. But the past four years had shown her that Lu Junxuan did not love her as much as she had imagined.

Shen Junyao left the conference room. She did not continue to look for Cheng Liyue. She was planning to go shopping for new clothes. As long as she dressed herself up beautifully, Lu Junxuan’s eyes would not stray from her to other women.

She went to the washroom to freshen up. Carrying her handbag, she walked in and entered a cubicle.

At this moment, there seemed to be several female employees coming in as they chattered away.

“Have you heard? This morning, Designer Cheng came to work in a sports car that is worth tens of millions.”

“Yeah. We have long guessed who that man is.”

A new employee asked curiously, “Who is it?”

“It’s the man who owned the magnificent skyscraper across our company. The president of the Gong Corporation, Gong Yexiao.”

“What do you guys think? Is Designer Cheng really with Gong Yexiao? If they are dating, then why would Designer Cheng continue working here?”

“A women has to be independent. Just because her boyfriend is the richest person on earth, then should she sit back and enjoy the life of being a rich Madam? I really look up to Designer Cheng.”

“She’s just too great. A single mother with a child can unexpectedly attract Gong Yexiao’s pursuit.”

The female employees continued on as they did their business in the washroom before leaving in a flash.

In the innermost cubicle, sat a stunned figure. Shen Junyao’s pretty eyes rounded in shock and disbelief.

What? Cheng Liyue was a single mother? And is currently being pursued by Gong Yexiao?

How could she — someone who scrolled through the world’s rich list day in, day out — possibly be unaware of who Gong Yexiao was? It was said that this iron-willed man was formidable and ruthless. Four years ago, he was merely just a young master of the Gong family. Rumor has it that there had been a power struggle in the Gong family. In the end, he had pushed out his two uncles and assumed the position of president of the Gong Corporation. Within a span of three years, he had the highest net worth in the world.

And at present, this man was pursuing Cheng Liyue? Shen Junyao thought back to the car that she saw outside the cafe which had been there to pick up Cheng Liyue that was worth millions of dollars. Could it be true?

Hold on, Cheng Liyue even had a child? Shen Junyao found it difficult to process the amount of information she had just received. Where did Cheng Liyue’s child come from? How old was the child?

Shen Junyao exited the washroom. It would be easy to get this information from the front desk.

Walking to the front desk, an employee immediately send Shen Junyao off thinking that she was just leaving. Shen Junyao gave her a smile and asked curiously, “I just came to know that Designer Cheng is a single mother. Is this true? I wouldn’t have guessed!”

“Yes, it’s true. Although she’s only twenty four, her child is already three years old.” The front desk employee was a huge gossip. Moreover, considering Shen Junyao’s noble status, it was an honor for her to have a chat with Shen Junyao.

Shen Junyao was shocked. Three years old? How did Cheng Liyue manage to spring up a three year old kid? “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a handsome little boy. That child is really good looking! He’s the most good looking and handsome kid I’ve ever seen.”

Shen Junyao wasn’t really interested in listening to this. Curling her lip, she scoffed and left.

As she walked out of the building, Shen Junyao sneered. Was it three years ago when Cheng Liyue went abroad that she immediately got together with a man and gave birth to a child? When she had the chance to do so, she must tell Junxuan about this, so that he would know how dirty Cheng Liyue was.


At noon, Cheng Liyue was busy designing a new jewelry when her cell phone rang.

It was an unknown number. She answered, “Hello. Good afternoon.”

“Mommy, it’s me!” The little boy’s tender voice can be heard from the other end.

Brows creased, she replied, “Xiao Ze, whose number is this?”

“It’s daddy’s!” The little boy answered without any hesitation.

13 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 49

  1. I think it would be hilarious if Lu Junxuan somehow thinks her kid is his. That would totally mess with Shen Junyao, and make me really happy. Then they can both get face slapped when they find out that Gong Yexiao is the father.


  2. Finally able to read this again after the exam. Oh My God, your blog has always been my paradise! Liyue, really, just clear up those misunderstandings with Yexiao quickly. And Junyao, stop getting on my nerves (-_-)


  3. I’m hoping CLY will take it back the 15% shares from her ex husband with interest or current value. I know that they would resist, she would sue them with the help of GYX. Shen Junyao knows now that CLY is with the child and pursuit by GYX. Thanks for the update and your hard work is very much appreciated. God bless.

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  4. If Lu Junxuan is smart. He’ll be able to connect the dots.

    He set up Cheng for divorce by having her raped three years ago.

    She had a child that’s three years old.

    It’s the child from the rape.

    Fucking bitch

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  5. Shen Junyao is getting ahead of herself.Why would her husband be interested in the father of Liyue’s child. It ain’t his. Junyao needs an attitude adjustment if she wants to keep her husband.
    Thank you for this translation

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  6. Thank you for updating…
    Shen Jun Yao knows that GYX pursue CLY.. will she tell GYX
    about the matter of 4 year ago
    will ex CLY husband pursue CLY now and be rival love of GYX ?
    curious about next next chapter
    thank you so much for your hardwork


  7. Daaaaaaaaamnnnnn, the ending of this chapter was really fluffy, can’t get enough of the innocence of the son + interacting with his mother. Thx for the chapter.

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