PDSA Chapter 50

“Are you having a good time?”

“Yes! Daddy and I held a meeting just now. Daddy is very good!”

“That’s great. Mommy will go over in the afternoon to pick you up. Let’s go home today, okay?”

En! Okay!” To her surprise, the little boy readily agreed.

Cheng Liyue had her doubts. At this moment, the little fellow continued on, “Mommy, will you be free to have lunch together with us? Daddy is inviting you to lunch.”

Cheng Liyue’s heart skipped a beat. She replied, “No. I still need to work. You and your daddy go on ahead with lunch.”

“Oh, alright.” The little boy was somewhat disappointed. Cheng Liyue ended the call.

At the pyramid-like skyscraper, the little boy held the cell phone in his hands while looking at the tall man beside him. “Daddy, mommy said she is busy and does not have the time to come out for lunch with us.”

The man furrowed his brows, slightly displeased. But in front of the little fellow, his smile was still gentle and charming. “Then daddy will take you out for a big meal.”

Hearing the words ‘big meal’, the little boy’s eyes instantly lit up.

Cheng Liyue had a simple meal for lunch at the cafeteria. After lunch, she went straight back to work until it was five. Since she had to pick up her baby son, she went to talk to Linda to ask for a ride.

Linda’s son was now staying abroad and so Linda was currently living alone. She also enjoyed hanging out with Cheng Liyue.

Before picking him up, Cheng Liyue dialed the number that her son had used to call her today.

“Hello.” A deep, magnetic voice sounded from the other end.

“Gong Yexiao, I’ll be picking up my son at the entrance. Can you get your assistant to accompany him down?” Cheng Liyue asked calmly.

“Are you sure you want to take him back to your house?” The charming, masculine voice carried an indiscernible undertone.

“Yes, I am very sure. From now on, my son will be sleeping at my house.” Cheng Liyue answered in a raised voice.

“Alright. I’ll get someone to bring him down.”Gong Yexiao then hung up the phone.

Staring at her phone, Cheng Liyue was somewhat baffled. Wasn’t this man very adamant about taking the child away from her? Why was it that he was now indifferent about who the child would be living with? Did he not love his son?

As soon as she thought of this, Cheng Liyue grew angry. If he didn’t love his son, why did he appear in his son’s life and even went through with a paternity test? If he dared to let her son down, she will never let him get away with it.

Linda’s car stopped at the entrance to the Gong Corporation. Cheng Liyue waited at the door. After a few minutes or so, a small figure ran out excitedly. “Mommy, mommy…”

Cheng Liyue immediately lifted him up into her arms and could not help kissing his cheeks. Looking at her son’s beautiful face, Cheng Liyue was filled with contentment and affection.

“Let’s go home.” After saying this, she gave Yan Yang a smile. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Goodbye, young master Gong.” Yan Yang waved at the little boy.

“Bye bye, Aunt Yan.” The little fellow waved his hand and was carried by Cheng Liyue to Linda’s car.

Linda dropped the mother-son pair off. Before they went home, Cheng Liyue was planning on buying some groceries for dinner tonight. She invited Linda for dinner, but Linda had an appointment tonight. So she would only cook dinner for two tonight.

“Xiao Ze, how about having spaghetti for dinner?”

“Alright! It’s my favorite.” Holding her hand, the little boy bounced up and down in excitement.

Cheng Liyue took him to the grocery store. Making noodles did not require that many ingredients. But the little boy was in a joyful mood, so she took him around the store. When they returned home, it was almost half past six. Cheng Liyue feared that the little boy would be hungry, so she brought him home.

Taking the elevator up to her floor, she unlocked the door and the little fellow went in. After he entered, the little boy stared at the clock. He was able to tell the time.

“Xiao Ze, be good and sit in the living room. Don’t run about, okay? Mommy will be making dinner now.”

En! I’ll be good.” The little fellow promised. Watching his mommy entered the kitchen with the bag of groceries, he turned to give the clock another glance. There was only a few minutes left. He quietly moved a small stool to the door. Climbing onto the stool, he stood up and looked through the peephole.

Five minutes later, he caught sight of a tall, masculine figure stepping out of the elevator. The little boy let out a delighted laugh. Sure enough, daddy arrived right on time.

He moved the stool away and opened the door without waiting for his daddy to knock.

The tall, lithe figure was approaching the door, when he saw the little boy sticking his head out. Gong Yexiao was immediately taken aback.

With a deep voice, he admonished, “Xiao Ze, please do not open the door so rashly in the future.”

The little boy felt wronged. “I saw daddy coming through the peephole, so I opened the door.”

Having misunderstood him, Gong Yexiao reached out to pat the little boy on the head.

Gong Yexiao stepped inside and quietly turned the lock. The last time he was here, he had picked the little boy up outside. At this moment, he glanced around this small unit that contained two bedrooms and a living room. It was very clean and tidy. There was a distinct, feminine fragrance which permeated the air. He drew his lips up in satisfaction. Hearing some activity from the direction of the kitchen, he narrowed his eyes and motioned for the little boy to stay silent. He strode over leisurely to the kitchen and looked at the delicate figure in the kitchen who was washing the vegetables. He fixed his gaze on her, like a predator staring at its prey.

“Xiao Ze, what’s going on?” Hearing no movements from the living room, Cheng Liyue asked worriedly.

There was no reply from her son. Turning around, she caught sight of the tall figure leaning against the doorway, which startled her.

“You… When did you come?” Cheng Liyue stammered in astonishment.

“Just now.” The man replied.

At this moment, the little boy came over and beamed. “Mommy, daddy and I discussed about it. We’ll have dinner here.”

Cheng Liyue felt a sense of helplessness as if she had been thoroughly deceived. No wonder her son had urged her to buy more than two portions when they had been shopping for groceries earlier on. It turned out that he had been thinking of this man.

Cheng Liyue took in a deep breath and calmly said, “I said I would take my son home. What are you here for?”

The man stretched out his arms and lifted the little boy into his embrace. There was a gleam in his eyes as he looked at her. “From now on, I will go wherever my son goes.”

“But you clearly said that I could take him home!” Cheng Liyue felt that this man could not be trusted. His words held no value.

The man arched his brow and let out a laugh. “You misunderstood. What I meant was that you can take the child back home with you but I’ll also be living here.”

Her face flushed red. “You want to live here?”

“Yes, so I’ll trouble you to include my portion for dinner.” The man thought that this was only natural.

“No. I can cook you dinner but you can’t stay for the night.” Cheng Liyue did not want him to stay the night. Her place was quite small. Other than a children’s bed, there was only another bed for her. If he were to stay the night, where would he sleep?

She would certainly not invite a wolf into the house.


Chapter 50: An Uninvited Guest

14 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 50

  1. I had my own little imagination running while reading this chapter. It was quite entertaining and funny~ here goes guys!

    Xiao Ze, what’s going on?” Hearing no movements from the living room, Cheng Liyue asked worriedly.
    There was no reply from her son. Turning around, she caught sight of the tall figure leaning against the doorway, which startled her.

    (My imagination began making this scene lmao)

    Grabbing the knife in her hand strongly, she turns around after having felt a sense of danger and unease.
    The moment she turns around, she sees a man! He immediately startles her, but she managed to stop herself in time from stabbing the man in the gut and punching his face, after realizing who he was, Gong Yexiao!

    β€œWhat are you doing here?” Narrowing her eyes and gripping the knife even harder in her hands. Her image the very embodiment of a leopard poised to strike.

    Sensing the danger about to befall him, his smirk fades and a trace of panic begins to fall on his face. β€˜I’m in the danger.’ He thinks to himself. He hurries to speak up before something dangerous happens.


    Lmao. Enjoy my little fanfic. I was thinking of this scene while reading this chapter lol.


  2. It is so good! Neither fast or slow. It would be so fast if the night end in some xxx state πŸ˜…

    Thank you so much for the update!


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