PDSA Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Sleeping Habits

The little boy began to feel sleepy due to the fact that he had forgone his afternoon nap with all the excitement that he had been experiencing at Gong Yexiao’s company. And since it was now past nine, the little boy was starting to doze off. Because he was still young, he came out of his room looking for his mommy while rubbing his eyes.

Gong Yexiao was left sitting alone in the living room. Exiting her room after putting her things away, she caught sight of the little boy rubbing his eyes. She gently picked him up and sat on the sofa as she softly stroked him on the back to soothe him to sleep.

The little fellow snuggled comfortably in his mommy’s arms while his big eyes stared at his daddy who was sitting next to him. His small lips lifted into a smile of contentment and bliss.

He blinked his big eyes a few times as they began to droop. Closing his eyes, he soon fell asleep. Children slept better than adults. Once they drifted off to sleep, they would fall into a heavy slumber. Cheng Liyue continued to embrace her son. Seeing that he was sleeping soundly, she got up and carried him to his bedroom. Gong Yexiao followed behind her.

Cheng Liyue sat on the edge of the bed and gently laid the little fellow down. In order not to jolt him awake, she touched her cheek to the little fellow’s face. This was a method she used to reassure the child. Sure enough, the little fellow curled up in a comfortable position as soon as he felt her touch.

Gong Yexiao leaned forwards to look at his son. This startled Cheng Liyue. She lifted her head up. Their faces were only inches apart.

Cheng Liyue let out a shaky breath. Under the light, the man’s eyes were deep as the sea, able to engulf a person with only a glance. Cheng Liyue wanted to rise to her feet. With one hand placed on the bed and the other on the bedpost, he cut her off.

“Let me up.” Cheng Liyue said with her voice lowered. Her heartbeat turned chaotic.
After that forceful kiss, she knew that this man was dangerous. Even if he did nothing, his intense gaze caused her to feel flustered to the point where her mind went completely blank.

Gong Yexiao put down his arm to let her rise. Cheng Liyue rushed past him, then whispered, “Be sure not to wake him.”

Gong Yexiao gave a nod before sitting on the edge of the little boy’s bed. Gazing at his little face, he intended to watch over him for a while.

Today, after looking over the photos, he realized that he had missed out on so much precious moments. Because he was not a part of his son’s past, he did not want to continue to miss out on these moments.

At the same time, he thought that after taking the kid to the company today, the Gong family would presumably know of his son’s existence.

So he had to be ready to take this little fellow back to the Gong family to meet his elders.

The situation in the Gong family was extremely complicated. Four years ago, it was at his uncle’s orders that he had been drugged. His plan was to ruin Gong Yexiao’s future and for him to appear like a wastrel in front of his grandfather. Gong Yexiao had managed to escape safely. The struggle for the Gong family’s inheritance had begun ten years ago. At that point in time, old master Gong had been disappointed in all three of his sons and had intended for Gong Yexiao who had been studying abroad to become his successor. As Gong Yexiao grew older, it posed a threat to his two uncles.

As a result, he had been through a lot. Assassination attempts, blood, cruelty, and danger had followed doggedly after him. A rich, laid-back, young master was forced to become a cold-blooded fighter. He disregarded family ties. With the covert support of his grandfather, he joined the battle for inheritance.

It was three years ago when his grandfather had decided that Gong Yexiao was the most qualified to assume the position as his successor. Using brute force, Gong Yexiao had driven two of his uncles and three of his cousins out of the battlefield. Over the past three years, he ruled with an iron fist. He succeeded in reshuffling everything and flushing out the cronies under his two uncles.

Step by step, he took over control of 70% of the shares in the Gong Corporation. Other than his grandfather, Gong Yexiao became the person that wielded the most power in the Gong family.

As a consequence, in the eyes of the outside world, it was rumored that he was cold-hearted and ruthless, showing no mercy. All kinds of labels were attached to him. Apart from ignoring these, he had to issue warnings when things got out of hand. Gradually, he grew to become someone whom the media would refrain from mentioning. Any news about him must first be validated before it was published.

Any one in violation of this would only be a step away from death’s door.

At this moment, the man who had been through hell and high water was sitting in this small room, looking at the little one in bed. His gaze was filled with affection and fondness.

He was clear that having a son meant having another vulnerable spot in his life.

He had sent his parents and his younger sister abroad to avoid the current power struggle in the Gong family. This battle was his to fight alone. But there was now his son to protect. He had to do his best to ensure his child’s safety.


Since her place was quite small, Cheng Liyue was upset that she didn’t have a place where she could go to. She could only take out her iPad and browse through some pictures to gain some inspiration.

Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem for her. But tonight, she didn’t know what had overcome her. She just couldn’t concentrate.

In the end, she had no choice but to give up. Plugging in her earphones, she found a comedy to watch. While watching, she looked over to her son’s room wondering what Gong Yexiao was doing inside.

Was he watching the little one sleep?

Cheng Liyue understood him. As a mother, she couldn’t bear to leave her son. Moreover, he had absolutely no knowledge of his son’s life prior to this. And now his son was already over the age of three. He must have a lot of regrets.

With this man’s presence in her home, Cheng Liyue found that she was unable to do as she please.

She had to store away all her personal effects in the closet. Usually she would take off her bra as soon as she came home. Her underwear that she hung out to dry had to be put away.

The bed had already been prepared. She would let him stay the night.

But it would be just this one night. There would be no next time.

Cheng Liyue was thinking about this when she saw the door to her son’s room being pushed open. Gong Yexiao walked out. Looking at his suit, Cheng Liyue came to a realization that he did not have any nightwear.

“So… will you be taking a bath tonight? I don’t have any pajamas for you here.” Cheng Liyue asked.

The corners of his mouth rose as he answered in a deep voice, “I like to sleep nude.”

“No. You cannot sleep naked on my bed.” Cheng Liyue had to draw the line. Sleeping in the nude? How could she continue to sleep on her bed in the future?

Gong Yexiao furrowed his brows and replied, “This is a habit of mine.”

“Since you have such bad habits, then it’s still not too late for you to go home. In short, you absolutely cannot be sleeping naked here.” Cheng Liyue said firmly. Her line must not be crossed.

“What if I have to be naked?” The man looked at her in amusement. He enjoyed driving her up the wall and seeing the look of exasperation on her face.

10 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 52

  1. For someone who has to go through assassination attempts, is it really alright for him to sleep naked? If he needed to run away, wouldn’t he end up being mistaken as an exhibitionist?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think in reality it’s all of the above. But, how will they manage to be a family with him having so many enemies? She’ll have no choice but to move in or marry.


  3. Thanks for the chapter Mantou-sama!

    And this man…. damn.
    I’m so sad at myself.
    I’ve grown accustomed to his shamelessness.

    OTZ orz what the heck’s going on with me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sad!!
      I got used to his shamlessness and just can’t be bothered to deal with it.
      If I was her, I’d just become indifferent to it. And be like.
      “But it’s a habit of mine. I have to sleep naked”
      (-_-). “No.”
      “It’s a habit.”
      And keep saying no till he grows tired and ill eventually ignore him.


    2. But the key point though. Is how true his feelings are when he’s acting all shameless.

      And tbh. Our MC is the rather typical “virtuous woman” who blushes when someone blatantly flirts with her and does things.
      Which, in our ML’s social circle I can see happening a lot. So I wonder why he’s treating her all special.
      Our MC isn’t really a unique woman. She’s a bit normal actually


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