PDSA Chapter 55

Her arm was wrapped around Gong Yexiao’s neck. He slept on his side with her arm around him. Her sweet fragrance reached his nose. His gaze turned dark and dangerous.

Gong Yexiao had lowered the temperature of the A.C. to 20°C earlier. Because the room was cold, the woman crinkled her brows and curled up her body instinctively, snuggling closer to his warmth.

Gong Yexiao reached for the covers and tugged it over their bodies that were stuck close together.

Cheng Liyue nestled against his chest, sleeping soundly like a defenseless child. Lowering his head, Gong Yexiao gazed at her sleeping face. The wild thoughts he was having were repressed in an instant.

He closed his eyes. Having stayed up until now, he was beginning to feel lethargic and he unknowingly sank into slumber.

Throughout the night, the bodies on the bed intertwined intimately. Cheng Liyue turned away from Gong Yexiao and curled up in her sleep. The man immediately molded his body to hers and spooned her, wrapping his arm around her waist naturally.

They remained in that position till morning.

Around seven in the morning, Cheng Liyue roused from her sleep intending to prepare breakfast for her son. Before she could be fully conscious, she felt a weight on her chest, causing her to have trouble breathing.

Where did that weight come from?

Her eyes fluttered opened. Lowering her head, she found a broad palm on her chest. And it was cupping her assets.

Cheng Liyue felt her head exploding. She then realized that she was sleeping in her own room. Turning her head, she saw a handsome face. The man was lying sideways, sound asleep.

A blush immediately stained her cheeks. She swatted his hand away. Then examined her body carefully to see if there was anything amiss.

Gong Yexiao was a light sleeper. When his hand was forcefully pushed away, it had woken him up. His eyes opened and he caught sight of the rising and falling of her chest. She appeared flabbergasted. His lips curled up in amusement.

“Good morning.” The husky voice carried an indolent, masculine charm.

Cheng Liyue fixed him with a glare. She hastily rose to her feet. Standing in front of the bed, she let out an angry huff. “When did you carry me to bed? Last night, did you… do anything to me?” After voicing this out, she flushed red with anger.

The man propped his chin up in the palm of his hand. Eyes narrowed, he gave her a roguish smile. “What do you want me to do to you?”

Furious, Cheng Liyue reached for a pillow and hurled it at him. “Jerk…”

The man caught the pillow easily. Placing it down, he then answered with a serious face, “Whether I did anything to you or not, can’t you tell?”

Cheng Liyue turned red. Brows furrowed, she carefully checked her body. At this moment, the man let out a scoff. “If I were to have done it with you, you would need at least three days to recuperate.”

Cheng Liyue was about to blow her top. This man was truly despicable.

But she recalled the pain that she had experienced that night, four years ago, when she had slept with this man. At present, there wasn’t any such pain. Biting on her lip, she said, “You can’t stay here tonight.”

She then left and went to the toilet outside to wash up. She needed to prepare breakfast for her son.

On the bed, Gong Yexiao let out a sigh. He was actually still sleepy. He inhaled her scent which lingered on the bed, and shut his eyes.

In the bedroom next door, the little boy sat up in his bed. Having just woken up, he was still in a sleepy daze. Blinking his large eyes, he put on his slippers and went outside.

Hearing some noise from the kitchen, warmth flooded his heart. “Mommy…”

Although Cheng Liyue had been angered by the man early in the morning, she still gave her son a tender, affectionate smile when she spotted him. “Xiao Ze, you’re awake.”

“Hmm, where’s daddy?”

“He’s still in the room.”

“Mommy, did you really sleep together with daddy last night?” The little fellow asked inquisitively.

What could Cheng Liyue possibly say? She had, in fact, slept together with the man last night. Although they did nothing more than just sleep, the man had still taken liberties with her. She tightened her lips into a smile and said, “Go find your daddy.”

En!” The little boy cheerfully scampered off.

Cheng Liyue let out a breath and continued on preparing breakfast for three.

The little boy pushed open the door to his mommy’s bedroom and looked at his daddy who was lying in bed. He happily climbed onto it.

Gong Yexiao reached out and pulled the little fellow into his arms. The little fellow lay obediently beside his daddy and gazed up at his daddy’s handsome face. “Daddy, you didn’t sleep well last night?”

En.” Gong Yexiao answered.

“Why didn’t you sleep well?”

“Because daddy is selective about the bed that I sleep in.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that daddy is unable to sleep in an unfamiliar bed. So, kiddo, why don’t we go back to daddy’s place tonight?”

The little boy was feeling very sorry for his daddy. Bobbing his head, he replied. “En, I’ll ask mommy to come with us.”

Gong Yexiao stroked the little boy’s head and gave a deep chuckle. “Alright.”

When breakfast was ready, Gong Yexiao got up and went into the toilet. On the shelf were a few toothbrushes — one for an adult and another for a child. There was one more that had not yet been opened. He took the one for an adult that was already in use and used it.

Cheng Liyue served breakfast and let the little fellow sit at the table. She then saw that Gong Yexiao had donned his suit from yesterday. The quality material was wrinkle-free. Wearing a fitted black suit over his white silk dress shirt made him appeared like a dashing prince.

Cheng Liyue quelled the fluttering in her heart. No matter how handsome and outstanding this man was, there was no denying the fact that he was still a jerk.

She had thought it over. He must have sneakily carried her into the room last night. She did not suffer from any sleepwalking. After getting into bed, she had been sleeping deeply. Whether there had been any kissing or fondling going on was unknown to her.

In any case, she had to stay away from this dangerous man.

Breakfast consisted of milk, fried eggs and stir-fry noodles. All three of them ate to their hearts’ content.

“Xiao Ze, in a while I’ll be enrolling you in school. The new school term will be starting soon.” Cheng Liyue said to the little fellow.

Hearing this, Gong Yexiao immediately frowned. “Which school do you plan on sending him to?”

“It’s the bilingual kindergarten around here.” Cheng Liyue answered.

“No. Our son must have the best education.”

“He’s only three years old.” Cheng Liyue crinkled her brows. They should not demand too much from a three-year-old boy and should instead just let him play.

However, the man firmly asserted, “He’s my son. So I’ll decide his education.”


Chapter 55: Concerns Over Education

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    1. Let’s hope MC will love/accept this part of him.

      Can’t wait for them to love each other. I hope it will not be only just before the end it will happen.


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