PDSA Chapter 58

In the living room, Old Master Gong was seated on an antiquated, oriental mahogany armchair. He had a neatly trimmed beard and wore a pair of golden rim glasses. Although he was eighty six years of age, with a ruddy complexion he looked as if he was in his early sixties. That pair of eyes behind the glasses held a formidable strength.

When he caught sight of the two people — an adult and a child — coming in, the pair of eyes behind the glasses widened. He held up the rim of his glasses and gazed intently at the little boy who his grandson had walked in with. So this was the child?

“Grandpa.” Giving him a smile, Gong Yexiao sat down beside him and lowered the little boy from his arms. Raising his small face which bore a strong resemblance to his father’s, the little fellow gazed inquisitively at Old Master Gong.

Looking at his fearless son, Gong Yexiao could not help but let out a chuckle. “Yuze, greet your great-grandpa.”

“Hello, great-grandpa.” The clear, tender voice was pleasing to the ear.

Old Master Gong reached out excitedly and drew the little boy to his side. He held up the rim of his glasses and scrutinized the little fellow.

“Alike… very much alike. He looks exactly like you, Yexiao, when you were just a child. He is indeed a child of the Gong family.” Old Master Gong immediately broke into laughter. Turning serious, he then asked Gong Yexiao, “Yexiao, how do you explain this? How did a child of the Gong family appear elsewhere?”

Blinking his big eyes, the little boy sensed that his daddy might be in for a scolding. The little fellow could not help but plead, “Great-gandpa, please don’t scold daddy!”

“I’m not scolding him. But I lay the blame on him for allowing you to leak out[1] in the first place.” Old Master Gong explained gently to him.

But because the little one was still young and his language proficiency was limited, he had some difficulty comprehending what was said. Puzzled, the little boy asked, “Great-grandpa, why did you say that I had been leaked out? I’m not water. How can I be leaked?”

These words from the little boy instantly lighten up the solemn atmosphere. Even Old Master Gong burst out laughing. Gong Yexiao had to stifle a laugh.

Seeing that his great-grandpa and daddy were both laughing, the little boy dissolved into giggles. He then threw himself into the arms of Old Master Gong. While raising his head to look up at his white beard, he asked. “Great-grandpa, what long beard you have! May I touch it?”

Old Master Gong had not held a child in his arms for a long time. He stretched his arms to lift the little boy up. At his side, Gong Yexiao said with worry, “Grandpa, you don’t have to carry him.”

“Why? You’re worried that I won’t be able to carry my great-grandson?” Old Master Gong then gazed fondly at the little fellow in his arms. He doted on his grandson, Gong Yexiao, the most. This affection naturally extended to this little boy as well.

Gong Yexiao relented. He had been filled with apprehension on their way here but now he felt himself loosen up. It seemed that this little fellow had his own charm — everyone could not help but adore him.

“Tell me, how have you been all these years? Did you have a hard time?” Old Master Gong asked while staring at his great-grandson.

Blinking his eyes, the little fellow shook his head. “Mommy is good to me.”

Surprise flashed through the old man’s eyes. So this child really loved his mother?

“Xiao Ze, the steward uncle will take you around. Daddy and your great-grandpa have some things to discuss.”

The little boy obediently hopped down from Old Master Gong’s lap. Looking at the spirited child, affection surged through Old Master Gong. He helped the little boy down so that he would not hurt himself.

The steward took the little boy by the hand and led him to the garden. In the quiet living room, the atmosphere became tense. Old Master Gong’s gaze settled upon his grandson. “The mother of the child was previously married, am I right? When you had been together with her back then, she had not been divorced yet?”

His eyes were filled with reproach.

Gong Yexiao had not realized that his grandpa was so well informed — even Cheng Liyue’s affairs had been thoroughly investigated.

“Back then I had been drugged. I chanced upon her at a hotel in my dazed state. That’s how Xiao Ze came about.” Gong Yexiao calmly explained. He believed that his grandpa was aware of who the culprit who had drugged him was.

“Then explain to me how you managed to find out about the child.” Old Master Gong was curious about this matter. It was too much of a coincidence for the father and son to encounter each other just like that in this big world.

Truth to be told, Gong Yexiao had initially thought that Cheng Liyue had deliberately arranged for the child to be by his side. Perhaps she had already been aware of his identity four years ago and had intentionally allowed the kid to get close to him so that she could obtain some benefits and riches from him.

But he had completely dispelled this notion later on. It could only be said that the meeting between the father and son had been decided purely by fate. The little boy was simply too awesome. Not only had the little fellow pulled a few strands of his hair out for him to do a DNA paternity test, the little boy had even been bold enough to appear before him and had blatantly given him an introduction to his mommy.

Gong Yexiao had some lingering fears. If he had decided not to go through with a DNA test, then he and his son would have been separated for the rest of their lives.

Fortunately, he had made the right decision.

After hearing this story, Old Master Gong was full of praise for the little boy. “Who could have known that the child of the Gong family would be this smart — having such a thought in his head at only the age of three.”

Frowning, he questioned, “Is the child reliant on his mother?”

“Xiao Ze was single-handedly brought up by Cheng Liyue. It goes without saying that he’s reliant on her.”

“What opinion would she have if the child were to remain with the Gong family to be raised?” Old Master Gong calmly asked.

Gong Yexiao understood his grandpa’s intentions. This was the same idea he initially had when he had first learned of the child’s existence — to bring the child back to the Gong family for him to make a clean break from his mother. But at present, his way of thinking had undergone a 180-degree turn. He earnestly implored, “Grandpa, Xiao Ze is still too young to be apart from his mother. Can we revisit this discussion in a few years’ time?”

“It’s because he’s still young that it would be easier on him if the separation takes place now. Delaying this will only make it even more difficult.” Old Master Gong let out a sigh. “You tell the mother of the child that having given birth to the heir of the Gong family, she will definitely not be treated unfairly by the Gong family.”

Gong Yexiao naturally could not let his grandpa know that Cheng Liyue did not want money — what she wanted was only her son. Otherwise, his grandpa would employ even more ruthless means against her. He was worried that Cheng Liyue would not be able to withstand it.

Having thought things over, Gong Yexiao pleaded, “Grandpa, let Xiao Ze and his mother live with me for a year. That way Xiao Ze would gradually placed his reliance on me. It would be easier for Xiao Ze to return to the Gong family. Although Xiao Ze is only three years old, he is more perceptive and intelligent than the average child. If he were to learn of the fact that we are trying to sever their mother-son relationship, this would undoubtedly leave a deep impression on him and would only give way to resentment.”

Eyes narrowed, Old Master Gong mulled over it and finally gave a nod. “Alright. But there’s one thing you have to remember — you must not get involved with the child’s mother. After a year has passed, ensure that she has enough financial reparation for her to give up custody of the child. The child will make a clean break from his mother!”


Chapter 58: Old Master Gong’s Decision


[1]  漏在外面 [lòu zài wài miàn] = leak out

14 thoughts on “PDSA Chapter 58

  1. I feel reproach towards old man Gong’s decision its really unfair to Cheng Liyue when she has gone through pits of fire for her son. I hope Old man gong will change his mind soon and Gong Yexiao to find out the truth too. Thank you for the update!


  2. Hope mother and son stays together and that grandpa realizes that she can’t be bribed with money and truly loves her child.
    Thank you for the chapter.


  3. Smh. I wished Xiao Ze was a noisy little boy. That way he could hear all their scheming and stupid ways and do his best to protect his mommy.

    All these false faces and lying to a child. These adults have no shame. And he loves his mommy too. So fucking obvious


  4. Oh no……. Don’t separate them great grandpa gong… I hope he will give blessing to the couple..
    Thanks for the chapter..


  5. What a cold ruthless gramps! How can you be this ruthless at your ages da****! At his age he ought to relax and be more mind clam and out if this world just be peaceful till you go not all SEPARATE A CHILD AND HIS MOTHER WOTH JUST SOME MONEY! no amount of money can buy a mother especially our MC! Her child is her everything
    Thx for the chap

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    1. Yep… I guess we can only say one thing : Poor MC.
      If ML and MC don’t get together fast before 1 year looks like we will see some problems/conflicts happen. Let’s hope that the little kid with his smart brain will find a solution to it or it looks like he will hate the Gong family or the old man.

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  6. thankyou for the chapter can´t wait for more and that this 3 became the tru family that they are after all Cheng Liyue was only married on papersso there are any problems and the child is the result of the parent behind druged from sheming peaople


  7. Wow im suprised at how rational it was written. It is not ruthless at all. When we speak about conglomerates, ofc it is uncommon and… a bit disgrace for them to have a divorced woman as their daughter-in-law. Well we know how it works isnt it? :”)

    Thank you so much for the update.

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  8. the great grand pa so ruthless..
    please meet your grand daughter in lawa first..
    u can see she is dont want your family money..
    she just need her baby boy
    thanks for updating

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    1. It makes me wish in 1 year time the mother and son are not separated if not my heart will not take it.
      I can already imagine big bodyguards surround MC, beat her with her not giving up her son, and him asking them to stop because he accepts to leave his mother so she stays safe. I can also picture MC broke-crying.

      Wu… wu… i am already sad just from my imagination. Can’t author bring MC and ML together fast so we can see the old man accepting their relationship ? But i guess MC needs to resolve fast a certain misunderstanding and say to ML that she was a virgin with him.

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