PDSA Chapter 59

Gong Yexiao gritted his teeth. From the perspective of the Gong family, Grandpa’s way of doing things might not be too harsh. But if one were to stand in Cheng Liyue’s shoes, this method was just too cruel.

“Yexiao, you’re now the master of the Gong family. The mistress of the Gong family must not be someone of unknown origin and one who has already been divorced at that — especially when her ex-husband is from the Lu family.” Speaking of the Lu family caused Old Master Gong’s blood to boil.

“Grandpa, the enmity between you and the Lu family has been going on for half a century. Why are you still holding onto this?” Gong Yexiao tried to dissuade him. He was not very clear about the reason for this. But for as long as he could remember, his grandpa had never liked the Lu family.

“Hmph. I just dislike those of the Lu family. This child’s mother has been in a marriage with someone from the Lu family which makes me dislike it even more. I know you come into close contact with the child’s mother but you’d better not cross that line.” Old Master Gong said obstinately.

Gong Yexiao was calm and his expression remained impassive. He gave a nod. “I will bear this in mind.”

“I like the child. He really is the spitting image of you when you were young. His facial features are just like yours.” Once the topic of the conversation had shifted to the little boy, Old Master Gong’s expression turned gentle and amicable. There wasn’t a hint of obstinacy and austerity on his face that had been there just a moment ago.

“The child’s eyes are not like mine — they resemble his mother’s.” Gong Yexiao said.

Old Master Gong fixed him with a stare. Clutching his walking stick, he rose to his feet. “Let me take a look at this little fellow. Go and tell the kitchen what the little boy likes to eat.”

“Grandpa, if you want to see him just tell the steward to bring the little fellow to you.” Gong Yexiao stood up and made to help Old Master Gong up from his seat.

“No need. I’ll go there myself.” With one hand clasped behind his back and the other clutching the walking stick, Old Master Gong set out in search of the little boy with vigor.

Behind him, Gong Yexiao strode to the kitchen and instructed the staff to keep the flavors of the dishes mild.

Once he was done with that, Gong Yexiao went to sit on the sofa, looking deep in thought.


The little boy discovered a beautiful Shiba Inu in the garden. It was the old man’s pet dog. Unexpectedly, the Shiba could identify the little boy as part of the Gong family. It not only followed the little boy around enthusiastically, but also played with him on the lawn.

“This child is indeed lively. Look at him happily playing around with Chai Chai.” Old Master Gong praised.

“Old Master, this child is very good-looking. Once he matures, he will become a fine young man.” The steward exclaimed.

Old Master Gong had some regrets. He would definitely not live to see this little boy all grown up. But it pleased him to know that he had such an intelligent and lovely great-grandson.


After lunch, Cheng Liyue stood in front of the glass pane, holding onto a cup of coffee. Her gaze strayed to the skyscraper opposite her. At the thought of her son being there, her gaze softened and a smile appeared on her face.

She carefully considered Gong Yexiao’s suggestion. In actual fact, it was probably the safest for her son to live at his place. It seemed that she and her son would have to move out of their current accommodation. To her, her son was more important than life itself. How could she possibly disregard her son’s safety just because she dislike Gong Yexiao?

Thinking up to this point, Cheng Liyue swiftly sat in front of the computer. Her slender fingers flew across the keyboard as she searched for information on the Gong family.

However, there were barely any information on the Gong family. Her search yielded only two pages worth of information pertaining to the Gong family. Cheng Liyue was surprised. She clicked on an article that had been published three or four years ago. It contained only a brief summary regarding the struggle for inheritance in the Gong family. It mentioned that there was a struggle for inheritance in the Gong family but hardly any other detail was provided.

Cheng Liyue clicked on another link. A blogger had attempted to estimate Gong Yexiao’s net worth — coming to a conclusion that it cannot be estimated.

Cheng Liyue randomly clicked on a few other links before losing interest. Apparently, the Gong family was in control of the media, which was very much in line with Gong Yexiao’s tyrannical disposition.

At this moment, Linda knocked on her door and excitedly walked in. “Liyue, I’ve done you a favor.”

“What favor?”

“Haven’t you always been interested in Fรจi Liรจ Luรณ‘s paintings? His paintings will be featured at our city’s gala dinner tonight. I happened to be invited but I won’t be free. So I’ve swapped my name for yours in the guest list.”

Cheng Liyue looked at her in shock. “How could you let such an opportunity slip by?”

“I’ve been in the business for twenty years. I’m no longer interested in this sort of stuff. But it would be beneficial for you to attend more of these events.”

Cheng Liyue really wanted to go. Because she was still young, there were limits to her design ideas. Thus, she needed to gain more exposure. This was the sort of event she would love to attend.

“Thank you, Linda jie.” Cheng Liyue said while holding the invitation card in delight.

“Don’t mention it. Make the proper arrangements for your son and enjoy the night.” Linda gave her a smile.

Cheng Liyue glanced at the invitation card. It was quite pretty. The art that would be featured at tonight’s event were by world renowned artists. Cheng Liyue was eagerly looking forward to tonight.

Taking a look at the time, she found that it was already past three. She decided to give Gong Yexiao a call to inform him to bring their son back to his place tonight without her. If the event ended quite late at night, she would just return to her own place.

She dialed his number.

“Hey.” A low, masculine voice sounded from the other end of the line.

“Gong Yexiao, is our son with you?” Cheng Liyue asked.

“Yes. What’s the matter?” Gong Yexiao’s voice seemed tense.

Cheng Liyue did not think twice about it and instead made her request. “Can you keep Xiao Ze company for the night? I have some personal matters to attend to tonight. I may not go over to your place.”

“Personal matters? What matters?” Gong Yexiao’s voice turned frosty.

“I’ll be attending an art gala dinner tonight. There’s a possibility that it will end late. So I won’t be going over to your place. I’ll just return home.” Cheng Liyue answered.

For a few seconds, nothing could be heard from the other end of the line. Before he replied, “Alright.”

Cheng Liyue was taken aback when the line went dead. He ended the call just like that? And he had even agreed?

Darn it. She hadn’t even gotten the chance to talk to her baby son. How could he hang up the phone just like that?

Cheng Liyue put away her cell phone while missing her son.


In the living room of the Gong estate, Gong Yexiao calmly made a call. “Find out when and where tonight’s art gala dinner will be held and get me an invite.”

Yan Yang got back to him in no time. “It will be held at six in the evening at the art gallery. But it’s only a simple art gala dinner There isn’t any need for you to put in an appearance.”

“What time will the venue be opened?”


“Get the invite ready. Meet me at the entrance at half past six.” Once Gong Yexiao had given the instruction, he ended the call.


Chapter 59: He Tags Along

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  1. Pupupupu ! So funny to see ML wanting to be close to MC.

    I wonder if Granppa will accept MC or ML will clash with him and say that he will even fight him to stay with MC and ask him to accept her.

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    1. He’s going to have to give in. His grandson is obsessing about this woman He won’t let go. He will protect her against anyone. Tonight he wants to make certain that no one else gets close enough to try to get a taste of her honey.


  2. GYX is taking interest in her affair, he wants to be there where she is, I hope grandpa will have to know her well and find out the truth, why she is also disliked her ex husband soo much and help her revenge and take her shares back. Thanks for the update and looking forward for the next. God bless.

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  3. wooww grand pa.. your grand daughter inlaw have enmity with lu family too.. Lu family robbed you daughter in law stock.. please support her to have a revenge..
    GYX are u jealous ? so u go to art gala dinner too ?

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