PDSA Chapter 63

Gong Yexiao drove a Rolls Royce. The seats were roomy and comfortable. Pulling the door open, Cheng Liyue got in. She faced the window, giving the man beside her the cold shoulder.

While he was gracefully maneuvering the steering wheel, Gong Yexiao thought back to what had just happened. He was regretting the things he had done to her a moment ago. But he was not used to apologizing and admitting his faults, so he forewent the apology.

A tense and stifling atmosphere filled the car.

Ten minutes before they were about to arrive at the Gong Estate, Gong Yexiao made a call to the Gong family steward. While on the phone, he slowed down his car. After a while, he ended the call with an “alright”.

Turning around, Cheng Liyue’s clear eyes gazed at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Our son was so tired that he has now fallen asleep in my grandpa’s bed. My grandpa wants him to sleep over there tonight.”

As soon as Cheng Liyue heard this, she immediately drew herself up. “No.”

His brow creased. He understood her concern. “It’s only for the night.”

“No, I want to bring him home.” Cheng Liyue insisted. She did not want her son to get too close to the Gong family.

“Cheng Liyue, don’t you forget, Xiao Ze is part of the Gong family. Sooner or later, he will have to return to the Gong family.” Gong Yexiao needed her to understand this. Perhaps this would make it easier for her to relinquish her hold on the child in the future.

Hearing this, she grew troubled. Tears welled in her eyes. “Who said so? He is my son too.”

Gong Yexiao was stunned. Although it was quite dim in the car, the tears glistened in her eyes like dewdrops and a few streaked down her cheeks. She gazed at him with teary eyes. “I don’t care. I want to see my son. I need to see him right now.”

Seconds passed as he stared at her. Gong Yexiao experienced a fleeting moment of heartache that he dared not look closely into. Sighing softly, he picked up his phone and put a call through to the Gong Estate. The steward answered, “Hello Master Gong, is there anything else?”

“I’ll be picking the child up. Please inform my grandfather.” He then ended the call.

Tears were still brimming in her eyes and a few drops hung from her chin. He did not know what possessed him to reach over and wipe them off with the pad of his thumb while gently chiding, “Why do you cry more than our son?”

This sentence from him caused her to feel somewhat mortified and she proceeded to ignore him.

“Alright. I’ll go and get him. Just wait for me in the car.” Gong Yexiao soothed her. He felt helpless in the face of a woman’s tears, particularly, this woman’s. His heart had been thrown into turmoil by it.

Cheng Liyue wiped away her tears. She watched as the car pulled up in front of the iron gates. There was a traditional look to this mansion.

Gong Yexiao left the car idle at the entrance and got out.

He entered the foyer and went upstairs after greeting the steward. Arriving at the master bedroom, he saw his grandfather sitting on the edge of his bed with his hands on his walking stick while he gazed at the sleeping child. Who could possibly know the thoughts that were running through his grandfather’s mind at this moment. Children’s toys were strewn on the sofa next to him.

“Grandpa.” Gong Yexiao greeted as he walked in.

Old Master Gong immediately quieted him. “Don’t wake Xiao Ze.”

“Grandpa, I’m here to take him home with me. As soon as he wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t find his mother, he will start to cry.” Gong Yexiao spoke in hushed tones.

“No.” Old Master Gong was of course unwilling to let his great-grandson be taken away.

Gong Yexiao bluffed, “This child only sleeps after he’s exhausted. He will cry incessantly once he wakes up and doesn’t see his mother.”

Looking at the little boy who was fast asleep, Old Master Gong had no choice but to give in. “Alright. You can take him home. Bring him over to play more often.”

En.” Gong Yexiao answered. He stooped down and picked the little boy up. This roused the little boy. Rubbing his eyes, he saw that it was his daddy who was carrying him. He said in a choked voice, “Where’s mommy?”

“Mommy is waiting for you at home.” Gong Yexiao comforted him.

Seeing that the little boy was looking for his mother right after waking up from his sleep, Old Master Gong let out a sigh.

The little fellow wrapped his arms around Gong Yexiao’s neck. It seemed that he had unknowingly drifted off to sleep earlier on. Even if he were to lie down a little longer now, he would not be able to shut his eyes.

“Say your goodbyes to great-grandpa.” Gong Yexiao urged the little boy.

Feeling low-spirited, the little boy waved his hand and then nestled in his father’s arms while blinking his eyes pitifully. Gong Yexiao carried him out and they soon reached the car.

Gong Yexiao pulled open the door to the passenger seat and deposited the kid in Cheng Liyue’s embrace. As soon as the little boy saw that it was his mommy who was holding him, he immediately put his arms around her and snuggled closer. “Mommy, mommy, you’re here too.”

Relief swept through her when she was able to hold her son tightly in her embrace. Without saying a word, she hugged her son and gave him a few kisses — doing this made her a lot calmer. The little boy gave his mommy a tight hug in return. His small face was nestled against her neck. His lips were set in a pout as longing filled his big eyes.

Gong Yexiao got in the car and saw the mother-son pair caught in a tight embrace. He could not help envying his son a little. It seemed that only this little fellow could make her happy.

Cheng Liyue stroked the little boy on the head and said, “Be good, go to sleep.”

The little boy must have been roused from his sleep. She was afraid that he would still be tired.

The little fellow lay at ease in his mommy’s arms. Blinking his eyes, he held her face between his hands. This feeling of love and tranquility was something no other person could give him.

Only his mommy could.

Looking at this scene, Gong Yexiao’s mind was filled with complex thoughts.

Back at his place, Gong Yexiao drew his car to a halt. He walked over to her side, intending to help Cheng Liyue with the little boy. He was worried that she had used up all her strength holding the child up on the ride here.

“No, I will carry him.” Who would have thought that Cheng Liyue would refuse his help.

Gong Yexiao stared at her for a few moments. Did she need to be on her guard even with him?

He let her passed. The little boy had fallen asleep in his mommy’s arms. Although her arms were feeling a little sore, she continued to carry her son upstairs to the guest bedroom instead of the master bedroom.

Gong Yexiao followed in after them. He frowned. But considering that she had cried earlier, he did not argue over this.

Gong Yexiao was unable to fall asleep. There were many thoughts running through his mind and all of them concerned the woman and the child. However, he seemed to be fixated on a particular train of thought.

In the next room, Cheng Liyue did not go to sleep immediately. Eyes opened, she gazed at her son without blinking. There was a fierce determination in her heart — she would never be separated from her son, come hell or high water.


Early morning.

Cheng Liyue woke up in a daze. She felt some wetness on her face. Eyes opened, she saw that the little boy was lying on her while smothering her face with kisses.

Smiling, she hugged him. His kisses had moistened her face.

“Mommy, I love you so much!” The little boy beamed and gave his mommy a tight hug, clinging close to her.


Chapter 63: Needing Her Son

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  1. Bitch.

    You randomly kissed her out of nowhere and show up out of nowhere.

    Like even you know you did wrong.
    So where do you get the balls to actually ask why she is on guard?
    You perverted piece of crap.
    Just when I was starting to like you.
    I’m okay with your shamlesss ass comments. That’s kinda funny and cute. And you don’t sound sleazy when you say it. Just truthful.
    But when those words turn into vulgar actions. Holy shit. You are so annoying


  2. Yexiao should consider that he is the novelty in this relaationship. That although his son craves his attention. He still needs his mother. To get the son he must protect the mother-child relationship.He must learn to love the mother with his heart and not just lust over her body.

    Thank you for this chapter

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