PDSA Chapter 65

The little boy obediently listened to his mommy. After an hour on the iPad, he ran upstairs and took his remote control airplane down to play on the lawn. Putting down what she was doing, Cheng Liyue walked slowly over to the lawn to keep her son company.

That was how they passed the day.

Gong Yexiao stayed at home and did not argue with her about their sleeping arrangement with their son. The little boy also did not urge his parents to sleep together. Because she was injured, the little fellow did not want all three of them to sleep on a bed and risk bumping into her injury.

In the blink of an eye, Monday had arrived. It was the day that school would resume after the summer break. And it was time for the little boy to attend school.

Cheng Liyue requested for a day off from Linda. Gong Yexiao had already arranged for the child to be enrolled at the school. Cheng Liyue just had to accompany her son there.

The school looked impressive. It was built like a fortress. Not only were the teachers here highly-qualified, the school itself had excellent amenities and an environment conducive to learning. It was no wonder that the fees were exorbitant.

But for the wealthy, this was but an insignificant amount. What was more important to them were the safety of their children and the quality of education they received. The safety of their children was of paramount concern to the rich.

After taking a look around, Cheng Liyue thought that the kindergarten nearby her place was definitely not on a par with this school.

The little boy wasn’t all that keen on attending school. He pursed his lips as he scanned his surroundings. Since he was only three years and two months old, it could be considered good enough that he wasn’t bursting into tears or raising a ruckus.

The same could not be said for other kids who had tears and snot running down their faces.

As she stooped down, Cheng Liyue gazed tenderly at the little boy and comforted him. “Xiao Ze, every child has to attend school. This is where you grow as a person. You’ll be able to gain knowledge, mingle with others and make new friends. Understand?”

En! I will obediently attend school.” But it was obvious that the little boy was somewhat reluctant.

“Mommy will come on time to pick you up everyday after school, okay?” Cheng Liyue assured him.

“Will you be coming together with daddy?” The little boy asked.

Bending down, Gong Yexiao draped his arm around Cheng Liyue’s shoulder. He gave the boy a smile and promised, “Yes, I’ll come to pick you up from school every day with your mommy.”

Cheng Liyue had no choice but to put up with this physical contact, working together with the man to soothe the little boy’s nerves. Smiling, she gave the little fellow a nod. “That’s right. We’ll come together.”

Seeing his parents appearing affectionate towards each other, the little boy answered with a simple “En” before stretching out his short arms to hug them both.

Because Gong Yexiao and Cheng Liyue were embraced by the little boy at the same time, their cheeks touched. A sense of intimacy arose from their closeness. Cheng Liyue’s face heated up. Gong Yexiao was pleased with his son’s action. He breathed in the feminine fragrance that wafted his way from beside him.

“Daddy, mommy, we have to stay together forever! We must never part! As a family, we should love each other.” The little fellow said with all the seriousness he could muster. There was no knowing where the little boy learned to say such things from.

Hearing the child’s wish, her heart trembled. She turned to look at the man beside her. Her gaze collided with his intense gaze which contained feelings she was unable to decipher.

Cheng Liyue averted her gaze. Gong Yexiao answered, “Alright. The three of us will always be together.”

When he spoke this with his deep voice, his breath brushed her ear, scorching her. This line that reached her ears left an impact on her.

Her breath caught in her throat. Was he speaking the truth? Or was he just saying that to placate their son?

En. Mommy, you have to promise this too!” Seeing that his daddy had made a promise, the little boy thought that his mommy should make one as well.

But how could Cheng Liyue possibly make such a promise? If the three of them had to be together forever, wouldn’t that mean that she would have to marry this man? She was turned off by the male species.

“Xiao Ze, your mommy has promised this in her heart.” Gong Yexiao knew that this was a touchy subject for her so he gave her a way out.

The little boy did not make things hard for her. He proceeded to unwrap his arms. At this moment, his class teacher — a woman in her thirties who had years of experience in teaching — walked over to the boy. “Xiao Ze, let’s spend the day at school, okay?”

The little boy nodded obediently and waved at his parents. “Daddy, mommy, see you! Don’t forget to pick me up after school!”

Gong Yexiao gave a nod as he saw him off. A tender smile appeared on Cheng Liyue’s face as she gazed at the little boy. Her smile faded as soon as the little boy had left with his teacher.

Turning to look at the man beside her, she said, “I would appreciate it if you don’t tell him any more lies in the future. As he’s still young, he will take them seriously.”

Gong Yexiao arched his brow. “When have I ever lied to my son?”

“The words you’ve spoken a moment ago — what do you mean by saying ‘the three of us will always be together’. Don’t guarantee such a thing if you’re unable to fulfill it.” Cheng Liyue pointed it out to him.

His brows creased. Reaching out, he abruptly pulled her to him by her waist. “Who says I can’t fulfill it? Just say the word and I’ll marry you.”

His husky voice carried a resolute undertone.

Her eyes rounded with incredulity. She instinctively pushed him away. “Gong Yexiao, whoever said I’ll marry you?”

“In this lifetime, apart from marrying me, you won’t be able to marry anyone else. I will never allow another man to be my son’s stepfather.” He warned in a low voice filled with venom. His grip on her waist tightened as he drew her closer to his body.

Infuriated, Cheng Liyue gave him a shove. “Let go of me.”

“If you dare to marry someone else, that short-lived male would only end up as a wraith.” The man continued.

Her face flushed with rage as she exclaimed, “Whether I marry or not, how does it concern you in any way? Besides, your family would probably look down their nose at me.”

There was a subtle change in his facial expression. His arms dropped to his sides. Startled, Cheng Liyue instantly took a few steps back.

His face was drawn taut. Giving her a complicated look, he quietly ordered, “At present, all you have to do is to look after our child and remained by my side. Don’t think about going anywhere else.”

Cheng Liyue bit her lip. What she said just now had hit the mark? His family really disagreed? They must have already made their stance known to him.

“Gong Yexiao, let me warn you, if you dare to take my son away from me, even if I were to die I will absolutely not let you off.” Cheng Liyue shot him a glare. Fists clenched, her entire boy radiated anger.

Although the man did not find this intimidating in the slightest, he could not disregard the resentment in her eyes. He let out a sigh. “Then just listen to me. I promise you that our son will always be with you.”

“Really?” Cheng Liyue asked in disbelief.

Gong Yexiao walked up to her and held her hand. “Just trust me.”

Cheng Liyue was stunned for a few moments. She ended up being led out of the school with her hand clutched in his.


Chapter 65: Just say the word, I’ll marry you


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