PDSA Chapter 67

“That’s right. Everything was just fine. But our clients have been taken away from us before we could even see it coming.”

There was an unsightly expression on Lu Junxuan’s face. “The relationship between the Gong Corporation and I has always been like that of the river water and the well water — not interfering with the other. Our interests have never overlapped. Unexpectedly, Gong Yexiao is now poaching my clients.”

“President Lu, could it be that you’ve somehow offended Gong Yexiao?”

“That’s right. Gong Yexiao does not seem to be interested in the shipping industry.”

“Hmph. As long as there are profits to be made, the Gong Corporation would definitely be interested in it.” Another senior executive retorted.

Lu Junxuan’s face darkened. He scoffed. “I want this matter investigated. I need to find out the reason for this sudden aggression.”

“Yes.” The senior executives immediately answered.

On the walk back to his office, Lu Junxuan combed through his memories of all the interactions he’d had with Gong Yexiao. Although they were part of the same social circle here in ‘A’ City, Gong Yexiao had only assumed the position of president of the Gong Corporation a few years ago, and there were very few opportunities for the two of them to meet. During the few times he had encountered Gong Yexiao, polite greetings had been exchanged. How could he possibly have offended him?

This matter brought on a sense of impending doom. It was only recently that Gong Yexiao had bought out a large company. This was but a formidable display of his might.

Gong Yexiao was not just interested in acquiring companies that were fraught with mismanagement, any company which caught his interest would end up being preyed on.

Lu Junxuan did not dare to treat this matter lightly.

How on earth did he manage to offend Gong Yexiao? Even if he were to crack his head in search for an answer, he would not be able to come up with anything.

Reaching his office, Lu Junxuan saw that his assistant had just sent him a bill. His face sank as he took it in. It was the bill for Shen Junyao’s ring which amounted to 4.8 million yuan. Moreover, it was a lump sum payment.

Lu Junxuan signed it off with a grim expression. He then picked up his phone and called Shen Junyao.

“Hello, hubby! Aren’t you busy?”

“Have you bought any diamond ring recently?” Lu Junxuan asked tonelessly.

Shen Junyao who was on the other end of the line was taken aback for a few moments. “Hubby, I ordered a diamond ring for you to present it to me during our wedding anniversary celebration. What’s the matter?”

His face contained some irritation but the tone of his voice remained gentle. “Nothing.”

“The following week will be our wedding anniversary. Hubby, I’m really looking forward to it!”

Letting out a sigh, Lu Junxuan said wearily. “I’ll leave this to you.”

En. Alright.”

“I’m busy. I have to go.” Lu Junxuan ended the call. He was still upset over the loss of his clients caused by Gong Yexiao.


In a beauty salon, Shen Junyao who had just gotten off the phone was in a daze for some time. How could she not have missed the displeasure in Lu Junxuan’s voice? Did he think that the diamond ring she ordered was too expensive?

It only cost less than five million. Why was his temper flaring up?

She could not help thinking back to the last time Lu Junxuan mentioned that he wanted to compensate Cheng Liyue. He was willing to compensate Cheng Liyue, but was being miserly towards his own wife?

Or, was it Cheng Liyue who had made more moves on him recently?

No, she must go over and give Cheng Liyue a good warning.

Thinking of this, she glanced at the time. It was a little past three. If she were to set off now, she would reach Cheng Liyue’s office by 4.30pm and would be just in time to catch her.

Shen Junyao drove her sports car there.


Cheng Liyue was concentrating on her work when her phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was Gong Yexiao who called.

“Hey.” She answered the phone.

“Our son will be done with school at 4.30pm. Put aside your work, I’ll be picking you up.”

“Alright. Come on over.” Cheng Liyue nodded. Her working hours were quite flexible. She was able to leave as long as she delivered her designs on time.

Cheng Liyue tidied up her desk, intending to wait for Gong Yexiao downstairs.
While waiting for Gong Yexiao at the entrance, she caught sight of Shen Junyao getting out of her sports car. Glancing over at Cheng Liyue, Shen Junyao’s eyes flashed with resentment as she walked up to her.

Cheng Liyue looked at her coldly. “Mrs. Lu, do you need something?”

“So you’re aware that I’m Mrs. Lu. Cheng Liyue, let me warn you, you’d better stay away from my Junxuan.” Face all done up, Shen Junyao glared at her.

“I hate to break it to you, but I’m not interested in trash.” Cheng Liyue replied, derision evident in her voice.

“That’s what you’re saying now, but whether you’re true to your word, I wouldn’t know. I heard that you’ve got a son. Is this true?”

Cheng Liyue’s face drew taut. “It’s none of your business.”

“Though what I’m not sure is whose bastard it is. Cheng Liyue, I’ve got to hand it to you — getting pregnant right after you went abroad. You must have been really lonely.” Shen Junyao assumed that Cheng Liyue had conceived her son while she was abroad.

Hearing the word ‘bastard’, Cheng Liyue became livid and gave Cheng Liyue a slap to wipe off the smugness on her face. Cheng Liyue had not been able to do so back then, but today, she would not hold herself back.

Exclaiming in pain, Shen Junyao cupped her smarting cheek and stared at Cheng Liyue incredulously. She was about to go mad. “Cheng Liyue, how dare you hit me!”

Cheng Liyue sneered. “Try and insult my son again, I won’t just stop at that.”

Shen Junyao was furious. She raised her hand, intending to strike back. But as soon as her hand was raised, it was stopped midway by a broad palm that latched firmly onto hers, preventing her from making any further movements.

Shen Junyao was startled. Turning to look, she saw that the man who had just stopped her was Gong Yexiao.

My God!

Before she could even react, her hand was forcefully flung away. She faltered back. Gong Yexiao did not know who she was. His eyes were searching Cheng Liyue’s face. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Let’s go.” Cheng Liyue didn’t want to waste any more time on Shen Junyao. She pulled open the door to Gong Yexiao’s car and got in.

Gong Yexiao did not follow suit. Glaring daggers at Shen Junyao, the glacial look on his face conveyed a silent warning.

Ever since becoming Mrs. Lu, Shen Junyao had never once been afraid of anyone. But, at this moment, she could feel a tremble in her heart and the cause was this intimidating man.

“Do not ever let me see you do this to her again. You wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences.” He said in a frosty voice. His words were laced with venom.

Shen Junyao shrank back in fear.

Cheng Liyue who had been waiting in the car was unable to hear Gong Yexiao’s warning to Shen Junyao. Winding down the window, she said to him, “Gong Yexiao, let’s go.”


Chapter 67: His Warning



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