PDSA Chapter 70

Because Cheng Liyue did not want to spoil his fun, she lifted her glass to his before taking a sip of the red wine. It was rich and mellow and tasted of the sweet flavor of grapes. The wine was incomparable to those sold outside. The aroma and intoxicating flavor made one unable to hold back from taking another sip.

Gong Yexiao elegantly took a sip of his red wine. There was an enchanting gleam in his eyes. The light reflecting off the glass into his eyes made them glint compellingly.

Her heart skipped a beat. What was this man playing at?

“Daddy, you’re always staring at mommy, are you in love with her?” The little boy who was beside them blurted out his daddy’s feelings for his mommy.

Cheng Liyue swiftly gave the little boy a stern look. “Eat your noodles. What nonsense are you spouting?”

Sniffing pitifully, the little boy obediently stuffed his mouth with food using his chopsticks.

“Don’t you know that it’s impolite to stare at others?” Annoyed, Cheng Liyue snapped at the man.

Gong Yexiao’s expression turned unsightly for a few seconds, cutting off his alluring vibes. Cheng Liyue was one woman he could not figure out.

The family of three quietly finished their meal. Cheng Liyue couldn’t get enough of the taste of the red wine. Sip by sip, her half full glass was gradually emptied.

Seeing this, Gong Yexiao made to pour some more wine for her. Waving him away, Cheng Liyue said to him, “I won’t be having any more.”

“Why is that?” Gong Yexiao questioned with a smile.

“It’s a vice to drink in excess.” Cheng Liyue spoke frankly.

Four years ago, Shen Junyao had dragged her off to a place to drink. They had opened a bottle of red wine. She had been addicted to the taste of it and had drunk something that she should not have been drinking and had suffered the consequences.

Once Cheng Liyue was done with washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, she realized that it was already half past eight. Since the little boy had school tomorrow, Cheng Liyue wanted her son to be in bed by half past nine.

As the master bedroom was Gong Yexiao’s, she took up a room next to her son’s. After tidying it up, she came out of her room and said to the little boy who was playing with his toys, “Xiao Ze, it’s time for a bath! You still have school tomorrow.”

“Mommy, I want daddy to help me with my bath. I’m a boy. I can’t let mommy give me a bath.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Cheng Liyue asked helplessly.

“Because the TV said that a male should not casually show a female his willy.” The little boy answered bluntly.

Cheng Liyue exclaimed inwardly, ‘why would she want to look at his willy?!’

The man beside her stifled a laugh. Looking at the bewildered woman, he couldn’t help but speak for his son, “What he said is right. Let’s go, daddy will help you with your bath.”

The little fellow took his hand and scampered off to the bathroom. Cheng Liyue who was left behind had been struck speechless.

Sure enough, the man’s presence had caused her son’s affections to be divided.

After his bath, the little boy’s wet black hair stuck to his forehead. Cheng Liyue was waiting for him with a hair dryer in her hand. The little fellow obediently let her dry his hair. He looked absolutely adorable after having been dried off.

Cupping his face, Cheng Liyue smothered him with kisses. “Alright. You have ten minutes of play time, after that it’s off to bed with you. I’ll check up on you some time later.”

En! Mommy, you and daddy have a good night.” The little fellow said while giving her a wave.

Stepping out, Cheng Liyue closed the door. She caught sight of the handsome and outstanding masculine figure standing indolently by the French window admiring the city lights.

Dressed in just a white silk dress shirt and a pair of slim fit dress pants, he looked divine.

Cheng Liyue was well aware that to be able to admire the dazzling nightscape from this vantage point was a luxury in itself.

Hearing her footsteps, the man turned around and leaned his tall body against the glass pane. Under the light, his gorgeous, sculpted face made one unable to look away. He had the alluring charm of a noble vampire.

“Xiao Ze has gone to sleep?” His deep, magnetic voice reached her ears.

“He will go to bed on his own.” Cheng Liyue replied. She suddenly felt parched for no reason. Walking over to the water dispenser, she took a glass, filled it and drank the water.

Gong Yexiao’s gaze was fixed on her pure and refined countenance. His expression darkened slightly. When would this woman capitulate and give herself over to him?

Glancing over at him, Cheng Liyue thought that it wouldn’t do to treat him coldly as they were living under the same roof. She then bid him goodnight.

Pushing the door to her room open, she stepped in and shut it.

Gong Yexiao furrowed his brows. This woman really did not put him in her eyes.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time she had done so.

Cheng Liyue was reading the news on her phone in the room. She planned to check on her son in twenty minutes to see whether he had gone to bed.

Time flew by as she read the news. She left her room after looking at the time. The crystal chandelier in the living room had been turned off. Only a few wall lights were left on and had been dimmed. As Gong Yexiao was nowhere to be seen, she thought he must have gone to bed.

Cheng Liyue walked into her son’s room with light, feathery steps. With only the wall lamp switched on, the little boy was tucked under the covers, sleeping soundly. Cheng Liyue swept her hand across his forehead to see if he was sweating.

When she was done checking up on him, Cheng Liyue walked lightly to the door. After observing the little boy for any movement, she gently closed the door.

She turned around only to be confronted with the sight of a pair of pitch-black eyes. Her heart pounded with fright. Her red lips parted as she was about to cry out in alarm.

The man quickly muffled her cry with a palm over her mouth. His handsome face neared hers. “Shh…”

The cool masculine breath caressed her face. There was an inexplicable sense of danger. Infuriated, Cheng Liyue shot him a glare. Why was he skulking about in the dark like a phantom? She had almost been scared to death.

It wasn’t impossible for one to die from shock.

After coming to her senses, she became aware of the fact that her face was only inches apart from his handsome face.

Letting out a muffled sound, she reached up to peel his palm away from her mouth.

There was a whiff of red wine on his breath. Except for the small portion she had drunk, he had downed the entire bottle of red wine that had been opened today.

This man was no doubt tipsy tonight. He removed his palm from her mouth but his body enclosed hers. Trapped within his embrace, she was unable to move away.

“Gong Yexiao, let me go.” Cheng Liyue said through clenched teeth. She was furious but could only warn him off without raising her voice.

She didn’t want to wake her son who had just fallen asleep.

A corner of his mouth hooked up in a smile. He was admiring her small face that was under his without reservation. The overhead wall light illuminated her face perfectly.

Her crystal clear eyes brimming with anger, small refined nose, and delicate red lips were a pleasing sight, ripe for the plucking.

This woman was like a rose — prickly yet irresistible.

Cheng Liyue was unable to free herself neither was she able to cry out loud. Her face flushed. She could only glare at this rogue with a pair of indignant eyes.


Chapter 70: To Be Taken Advantage Of


Hey guys, glad to hear that many of you are enjoying this novel! (which is a relief, because I didn’t want to continue on with a novel that nobody is interested in) The release schedule will remain as 2 chapters per week (Wed & Sat 12pm UTC+8). Sorry bout this. I know some are hoping that there would be daily chapters again but that was when I was on a break. Now, I’m swamped with work so I won’t be able to carry on translating chapters daily. πŸ™‚

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