PDSA Chapter 71

It had been a mistake to live with him.

“Gong Yexiao, let me go…”

Because his body was pressed up against hers, Cheng Liyue could feel his hard-on. Her breath hitched and her heart began to beat chaotically.

This bastard.

His hand cupped the back of her head. Before she even realized what he was going to do, his breath enveloped her face. Her breathing was ragged as her eyes collided with his dark ones.

She was helpless against his heated kiss that had sealed her red lips.

The man suckled her lips. She could taste the wine off him which stirred her.

At the age of twenty four, she — a fully grown woman — had only ever been kissed once by Lu Junxuan during her wedding. And it had only been a brief touch on her lips. Even on that night four years ago, she had been completely out of it due to her inebriated state.

The domineering kiss this man was giving her now coupled with his lingering taste caused a slight delay in her reaction.

She was somewhat annoyed at herself for being immersed in it for a while. Reaching out, she gave him a shove on the shoulder. The man did not budge but proceeded to deepen the kiss instead.

Damn it.

Her mind went blank. He was a fiend who was stripping away her strength. She seemed to have been rendered motionless, unable to ward off this onslaught.

Seeming unsatisfied with just having his hand on her waist, his hand slowly skimmed upward…

Seeing that he had crossed the line, she bit down on his lip hard, like a kitten having been riled up. Just like that, the man who had been caught unawares, had his lip bitten.

His hold on her instantly loosened. Panting, Cheng Liyue glared daggers at him.

He lifted his fingers to his lower lip which had been painfully bitten by her. His eyes turned into slits. The expression on his face difficult to decipher.

Cheng Liyue did not want to stay around him a moment longer. Pushing him off, she hurried to her room, slammed the door shut and locked it while thinking to herself that it would have been great to have a few more bolts on the door.

Cheng Liyue sat on the bed, flustered.

It was too dangerous.

This man was a danger to her. She had almost lost herself in his kiss. This was bad.

Her fingers subconsciously skimmed across her upper lip. She was still slightly trembling from the encounter. Her heart was racing. His warmth lingered on her lips, setting her heart aflutter. Her mouth dried. She needed to drink some water.

But how could she dare to step out of her room to get a drink?

Had the man returned to his room?

Biting her lip, Cheng Liyue entered her bathroom, vexed. She intended to take a shower first.

In the middle of the night, a parched Cheng Liyue left her room hurriedly to get a drink.


Early morning

In a daze, Cheng Liyue was woken up by the knocks on her door. Recalling that her son had school today, she instantly sat up. It must have been her son who had just knocked judging by the sound of it.

She opened the door with tousled hair and saw two males — one large and one small — standing outside. Cheng Liyue hastily covered her chest.

Gong Yexiao let out a low, obnoxious laugh.

After shooting the man a glare, Cheng Liyue’s gaze became tender when it landed on her son. “Xiao Ze, give me a few minutes, mommy will have breakfast ready for you.”

“It’s okay, mommy. Daddy is going to take me to school and there will be breakfast there. You can go on sleeping!” The little boy replied.

“Uh… are you sure you don’t need me to prepare breakfast for you?”

“Yup, there’s no need! Daddy said you had a late night yesterday. You mustn’t stay up late!”

“Who said I had a late night?” Cheng Liyue glared at the man. Even if she had difficulty sleeping last night, how would he know?

“I figured.” There was a sparkle in the man’s dark eyes. Stooping down, he lifted the little boy in his arms. “Son, let’s go.”

The little fellow immediately stretched his short arms out to her. “Mommy, morning kiss.”

“I’ve not washed up.” Cheng Liyue wanted to avoid giving her son a morning kiss.

“That’s okay!” The little boy leaned in to give her a kiss.

Cheng Liyue turned her cheek towards him. Clasping her face, the little boy puckered his lips and touched them to her cheek. Before the little fellow could even release his hold, Gong Yexiao was quick to land a kiss on her cheek.

She gave the man, who had just taken advantage of the moment, a glowering look.

“I wanted to give you a morning kiss too.” The edges of his mouth were raised in an innocent smile.

“Send the kid to school.” Thinking back to what had happened last night, she appeared uneasy.

Returning to her bed, Cheng Liyue intended to get some shut-eye. Taking in a deep breath, she remembered that she had remained parched the whole night yesterday even though she had drunk some water before going to bed. How could a kiss from him made her mouth dried up?


At the Gong Corporation, Gong Yexiao strode to his office. Yan Yang who had been waiting for him at his door, said to him, “President Gong, Ms Gong is here.”

A smile appeared on Gong Yexiao’s face. Pushing the door open, he entered.

In his office, a slender, delicate figure was swiveling around in his executive chair. Seeing him stepped in, a smile bloomed on her face.

Ge[1], you’re here! Where’s my little nephew?” Raising her beautiful face, Gong Momo looked at him excitedly.

Eyes slightly narrowed, Gong Yexiao asked, “So you’ve returned? What about mom and dad?”

“They will be here. They’re more anxious than I am, but I’m much faster than they are. They’ll probably arrive tonight.” Gong Momo shot him a dire look and continued, “Ge, how could you conceal such an important news from us? What do you mean by that ah?”

He felt the guilt pricking at his conscience. It was not that he did not want to reveal this matter to his family. He was just afraid that Cheng Liyue would be averse to the idea. If the kid were to meet with more members of the Gong family, she would undoubtedly think that they intended to take the little boy from her. He did not want to freak her out.

Gong Yexiao gave his sister a pat on the head. She was six years younger than him and he doted on her ever since she was small. “Alright, you’ll get to meet him soon enough.”

“He must be super cute! I’ve only just arrived and have not prepared any gift. I’ll be going to the mall later to pick out a nice gift for him. Oh right, how should I address the mother of my nephew? Should I call her sister-in-law?” Gong Momo looked at her brother with uncertainty.

Amused, Gong Yexiao’s lips curled into a smile. “You do that. Let’s see what she thinks.”

Gong Momo had no clue about her brother’s hidden intentions. She gave him a nod. “Okay, I’ll call her sister-in-law when we meet.”

Thinking that his parents would arrive tonight, Gong Yexiao lightly sighed. “Momo, how did mom and dad react?”

“They planned to send the kid abroad for him to be raised there.”

Gong Yexiao’s handsome face slightly froze. He understood that his parents were not hard to deal with unlike his grandpa. His parents were more open-minded. Even if that was what his sister said, he knew that his parents only had the kid’s best interest in mind and would not give Cheng Liyue a hard time.

“We’ll talk about this once I meet them tonight. There are some things I need to explain to them first.” Gong Yexiao said.

“Then I’ll be out shopping.”

Taking out his wallet, Gong Yexiao handed her a card from within. “Take it.”

Pursing her lips, Gong Momo’s expression conveyed her refusal. “I don’t need it!”

Gong Yexiao arched his brow. There were now two women who had refused to use his card.


Chapter 71: Mouth Dried


Β [1] ε“₯ [gΔ“] = elder brother; or used when addressing an older male with whom one has a close relationship with.

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