PDSA Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Gong Family

When Cheng Liyue returned to her office, she heard her phone ringing. Rushing over to pick it up, she answered, “Hello.”

“My bodyguard will be picking you up now. You can just head home first with our son. I’ll only be back later tonight.” Gong Yexiao’s magnetic voice reached her ears.

Cheng Liyue replied with an “alright.”

Gong Yexiao ended the call. Cheng Liyue gathered up her sketches so that she would be able to work from home. Carrying a canvas bag containing her sketches, she went down to where the bodyguard’s car was already waiting for her.

Seeing her walked out, the bodyguard respectfully got out of the car and opened the door for her. Flattered, Cheng Liyue let out a laugh and said, “Thank you.”

When they reached the school, Cheng Yuze was already waiting. Looking at his mommy who was walking up to him, he immediately asked, “Where’s daddy?”

“Your daddy is a little busy so he won’t be picking you up today.” Cheng Liyue consoled.

After taking her son with her to shop for groceries, they returned home.

When she got home, Cheng Liyue prepared the ingredients for dinner and then wondered whether Gong Yexiao would come home for dinner.

Should she give him a call? If she prepared a portion for him now, then when he returned, she wouldn’t have to cook up something for him again. This would save her time since she still had to work later.

“Xiao Ze, give your father a call and ask him if he’ll be coming home for dinner.” Cheng Liyue didn’t want to be the one to call so she passed this task on to the little boy for him to do.

Cheng Yuze immediately walked over to the house phone. He had his daddy’s phone number memorized. After dialing, he waited earnestly for the other end of the line to be picked up.

About seven seconds later, the call was answered. “Hey.”

“Daddy, it’s me! Mommy wants to know whether you’ll be back for dinner.” Cheng Yuze asked.

“Tell her that I won’t be coming home for dinner.” His deep voice carried a happy undertone.

“Oh. Daddy, what time will you be back?’

“Most likely some time after nine.”

“Alright then! Mommy and I will be waiting for you to come home. Goodbye, daddy.” The little boy then hung up the phone.

At the airport, Gong Yexiao and Gong Momo were sitting in a cafe at the arrivals hall. After hanging up the phone, the edges of Gong Yexiao’s mouth were raised in a pleasant smile. His son’s words before ending the call were simply heartwarming.

Just thinking that she too would be waiting for him to come home pleased him.

Ge, mom and dad’s flight should have landed.” Gong Momo was excited to meet her nephew but who would have known that her brother would stop her from seeing him now.

Shortly afterwards, the bodyguard received a couple who were in their sixties dressed in simple attire at the arrival gate.

They were Gong Yexiao’s parents: Gong Shengyang, his father and Xia Houlin, his mother.

“Dad, mom, you’re back. We’ve been waiting for you both for two hours!” Gong Momo pouted while stepping forward to hug her mother.

“Why are you waiting for us here instead of heading home?” Xia Houlin asked in surprise.

“Dad, mom, before you meet the child, there are some things I need to tell you both. We’ve reserved a place at a restaurant. Let’s have dinner together first.” Gong Yexiao’s gaze held nothing but love and respect for his parents.

When his father was young, he had met his mother. Since his father had never been interested in managing the Gong Corporation, he had relinquished all rights of becoming the successor of the company. His parents had settled down in Country ‘A’ and now run a winery there. In the eyes of Old Master Gong, his father was a good-for-nothing son.

His diligent and virtuous mother was nonetheless very supportive of his father’s choice. His father’s winery was quite popular among the locals and his parents were content with this self-sufficient way of living.

They were proud of this excellent and outstanding son of theirs. As the descendant of the Gong family, it was inevitable that he would have to take up his position as the heir or bow to the pressure of it. Unless one could escape such a fate that came with being wealthy, it would be easy for one to lose oneself living out such a life.

“Alright. Let’s go.” Father Gong gave a nod.


In the restaurant

After Gong Yexiao ordered a great many dishes, he began to fill them in on how he got to know about this son of his. His family listened to this, their mouths agape with surprise. His parents were eager to meet their intelligent little grandson.

Ge, take us to see Xiao Ze after dinner! Else, I’ll be lovesick.” Gong Momo’s lips formed a pout.

Looking at his parents and his sister, Gong Yexiao smiled, “What I’m going to say next is what I need you to hear.”

“What other matters do you need us to hear? Ge, do you have to be so solemn? Are you afraid that I will bully this nephew of mine?” Grinning, Gong Momo asked.

Gong Yexiao told them about Old Master Gong’s stance on his great-grandson’s upbringing. This shocked all three of them. Gong Shengyang sighed. “Dad’s character will never change. But doing things this way is just too much. How could such a small child be separated from his mother?”

“That’s right! Grandpa is too unyielding. How grief-stricken would Xiao Ze’s mother be if that happens.”

“Yexiao, what are your plans? Do you really intend to take the child back to be raised by the Gong family?” Xia Houlin looked at her son. She hoped that being a part of the Gong family had not turned her son into a cold-hearted and ruthless person.

Shaking his head, Gong Yexiao replied. “I don’t agree with grandpa’s way of doing things. But it wouldn’t do to oppose him. He gave me a year. Anything could happen within a year.”

“Yes! Big brother can just get married to Xiao Ze’s mother. Grandpa would naturally have nothing to say to this!” Gong Momo quipped.

Gong Yexiao’s face showed a hint of helplessness. “The problem is that she doesn’t want to marry me.”

“How could this be?! Ge, you’re quite handsome.” Gong Momo was certain that her brother wasn’t lacking in the looks department.

Xia Houlin cut her off. “Stop being cheeky. Let’s listen to what your brother has to say.”

“Dad, mom, now Cheng Liyue is sensitive towards any mention of the child’s affairs. She is worried that our Gong family will take Xiao Ze away from her. So please do not do anything that will give her that impression when you meet her.” Gong Yexiao spoke seriously.

“Don’t worry. We not only acknowledge this grandson of ours but also his mother. As long as she is willing to marry into the Gong family, we will have no objection.” Xia Houlin said.

Gong Yexiao’s handsome face froze for a few seconds before he clutched his forehead. “Mom, it’s better to steer clear of any talk of marriage for now. She would be put off by it.”

Gong Shengyang and his wife eyed each other. They were somewhat in disbelief that their son was being so thoughtful towards a woman. This made them all the more curious of her.

Gong Momo shared the same thought. The lady who had caught his fascination must be absolutely beautiful!

Although they were eager to meet the child, they had to take into consideration his sleeping schedule. At present, it was already past nine. Xia Houlin said, “We won’t be meeting the child tonight. It’s quite late. Let’s not disturb his sleep.”

“But I want to see him.” Gong Momo had been thinking about nothing but this for the whole day.

Gong Yexiao consoled his sister, “There’s always tomorrow. I’ll take you to see him when I pick him up from school.”

Gong Momo had no choice but to reluctantly agree.

They returned to the Gong castle while Gong Yexiao went back to his downtown residence.


Cheng Liyue was sitting on the sofa with a sketchpad resting on her knees. She was sketching out a new design. Next to her, the little boy who had been waiting for his daddy to return to help him with his bath had dozed off.

Cheng Liyue was at a loss for words. Now the little boy insisted on having his daddy give him a bath. This wasn’t good.

What if they had to live apart after a year was up?

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