Edit (19/07/2020) : This novel has been picked up by another translator.


Hey guys, I will be on an indefinite hiatus. There will be no more updates on PDSA. Because I am currently working and studying for my exams at the same time, I no longer have the time to spare for translating. I apologize for leaving things hanging but passing my exams is my priority.

Thank you for showing an interest in my translations.



  1. Excelente traducciรณn, te leo desde Mรฉxico, espero que te vaya bien en tus estudios y cuando tengas tiempo esperamos retomes tu traducciรณn.
    Saludos y te deseo lo mejor en tus actividades.


  2. Thank you for your hard work in translating and sharing this great story with us! Good luck with your exams! If you ever get back to translating this story, we’ll be waiting ๐Ÿ™‚ Fighting!!

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  3. Thank you for the translated chapters and good luck on your upcoming exam!

    Hopefully, you’ll surpise us in the future with your come back!
    God bless and wish you all the best

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  4. good luck in your exams after you finish them an have some time could you continue translating this novel until the end please. and thankyou for your hard work
    we will be specting good news from your real life and news chapter translations

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  5. I have enjoyed reading your translations. But I do know that real life takes a front seat to entertainment.Thank you so for brightening my days.You will do well in your life and career Even if you don’t translate anymore drop a note to tell us about your successes.

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