PDSA Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Trusting him

Because the hand gripping the pencil was unsteady, she made a blunder in her sketching. Vexed at herself, she picked up the eraser. Why was she so distracted?

At this moment, there were some sounds from the hallway. Cheng Liyue’s heart skipped a beat. She saw the door opened and a familiar figure stepped in. It was Gong Yexiao.

He saw Cheng Liyue sitting on the sofa next to the crystal chandelier with a sketchpad in her hands. He did not notice the little boy curling up beside her. Brows creased, he asked with voice lowered, “The little fellow has gone to bed?”

Her eyes flicked over to the little boy lying beside her and said, “He’s here.”

Gong Yexiao strode over to the sofa and saw the little boy curling up next to her fast asleep.

“He has not taken his bath yet?”

“Not yet. He was waiting for you.” Cheng Liyue replied then immediately added, “He won’t be bathing tonight. I’ll just give his body a wipe. You can carry him to his bed.”

Bending down, Gong Yexiao scooped the little boy into his arms and carried him into his room. Cheng Liyue brought a bucket of warm water from the bathroom and then leaned forward to take off the sweaty clothes of the little boy who was in Gong Yexiao’s arms revealing the little boy’s rotund tummy.

After wetting the washcloth, Cheng Liyue wrung it dry before proceeding to wipe the little boy’s body. Gong Yexiao lowered his gaze to look at his son who was sleeping soundly like a piglet. His gaze inadvertently swept over Cheng Liyue. Underneath her white button-down shirt, the hidden view was partially exposed.

Once she was done carefully wiping the little boy’s body, she looked up only to find that the man’s gaze was fixed on her chest.

She hastily shielded the front of her shirt with her hands and warned in a low voice, “Don’t you dare look.”

With a roguish smile on his lips, he replied, “I can’t help having a good eyesight.”

Cheng Liyue still had to clean the little boy’s feet so she had no choice but to stoop down. Letting go of her hands, she couldn’t be bothered with him anymore.

After all, what he could only see was exactly what he couldn’t obtain.

After she was done cleaning the little boy, and the little boy had been changed into his PJ’s and tucked in bed, Cheng Liyue was sweating all over.

Once they had put the little boy to bed, Gong Yexiao said to her, “Come with me. There’s something I need to say.”

Cheng Liyue followed him out. Gong Yexiao’s eyes locked on hers. “My parents and my sister have returned to the country.”

Her pupils dilated and her gaze turned sharp. She instantly tensed up, seemingly on guard.

Eyes narrowed, Gong Yexiao consoled her. “Don’t worry. My parents and my sister are amiable people. They’ve never thought of taking Xiao Ze away. As his grandparents, they’re just here to visit the kid.”

“Really?” Cheng Liyue regarded him in disbelief.

His brows knitted in a frown.

Why was she so wary of him?

“You have my word.” Gong Yexiao assured her.

Eyes blinking, Cheng Liyue was contemplating whether she should trust his word.

Gong Yexiao approached her. Startled, Cheng Liyue backed up and stumbled against the edge of the sofa. Her body landed on the sofa.

At this moment, the tall and handsome man drew near and caged her with his arms on either side of her.

“You– what are you trying to do? Don’t you dare act as you please.” Infuriated, Cheng Liyue covered her chest with both hands.

“Is it that hard for you to trust me? Which area am I lacking in?” Gong Yexiao coldly asked. Even if was his choice to spoil her, she must obediently allow him do so. Otherwise, he did not mind revealing a different side of him.

Her breathing turned rapid and shallow. This guy must have a few screws loose.

“It seems that I’ll just have to take your word for it. But what if you’re lying to me?” Cheng Liyue raised her head and eyed him.

“I’m not lying to you.” He said firmly with an authoritative and sonorous voice.

Seeing that the man was still not letting her up, her brows furrowed as she gave him a push. “Since you’re done saying your piece, let me up.”

Gong Yexiao’s face darkened slightly. Withdrawing his outstretched arms, he left for his bedroom.

Cheng Liyue headed to her room with her sketchpad in hand. She didn’t wish for a repeat of last night’s incident. In the future, she would have to avoid such an incident from happening or put an end to it before it could ever begin.

However, she still faced some difficulty sleeping. Just thinking of how Yang Bingbing had plagiarized her work made her blood boil. She had to find an opportunity to demand an explanation from her.


Early morning

Cheng Liyue got up bright and early. She left her room and caught sight of a bare-chested Gong Yexiao as he opened the door to his room. Wearing only a pair of gray sweatpants, he oozed sex appeal. And just like that, he swaggered out.

Cheng Liyue’s heart skipped a beat. She hastily averted her gaze.

“Do you mind putting on more clothes the next time you strut around the house?” Cheng Liyue reproached him.

Gong Yexiao poured a glass of water and turned around to face her without a hint of shame. “Is it because you think it doesn’t look good or that you’re just too shy to look?”

“It doesn’t matter whether it looks good or bad. I just don’t want you to corrupt our son.” Cheng Liyue frowned.

“Unlike you, I’m sure he doesn’t mind. Tell me, are you satisfied with this body of mine?” At this moment, Gong Yexiao’s sexy and charming face looked somewhat obnoxious.

“Not satisfied.” Cheng Liyue did not want to boost his already inflated ego and so she answered him with a lie.

“Which part are you not satisfied with?” Gong Yexiao’s handsome face clouded over.

Looking at his body which was sculpted like that of Apollo, the sun god, Cheng Liyue really couldn’t point out any flaw and chose not to answer instead.

At this time, the little boy came out, mouth stretched wide in a yawn. “Daddy, mommy, good morning!”

“Xiao Ze, did you sleep well?”

“Mommy, I had a dream last night. I dreamed that you and daddy got married and I walked in front of you to scatter flower petals!” The little boy said exuberantly.

Cheng Liyue’s face froze for a few moments. Since it was only a dream, was there a need to mention it out loud?

“If I marry your mommy one day, you can scatter the flower petals for us.” Gong Yexiao gave him a charming smile then took a sip of his water.

“Truly? Mommy, when will you marry daddy?” The little boy took it as the truth. Moreover, his dream last night was so beautiful that he couldn’t wait to scatter flower petals at their wedding.

“Do you want to have your breakfast here or at school?” Cheng Liyue deliberately refused to answer him.

The little fellow sweetly replied. “Mommy, I will not bother you. I’ll be having my breakfast at school!”

The school served a variety of food and the little boy enjoyed them very much.

Seeing that Gong Yexiao was already dressed, Cheng Liyue said to him, “You’ll be in charge of getting Xiao Ze ready for school. I still need to change.”

After Cheng Liyue was ready, she left her room and saw that the father-son pair were seated on the sofa waiting for her. She was dressed in a white blouse and a gray pencil skirt. Looking capable and competent, she had the appealing mien of a career woman.

There were many young female employees in Gong Yexiao’s company that were dressed the same way as her. But he only had eyes for this woman in front of him.

This woman had a disposition that could not be found in others. There was an air of innocence to her that was simply attractive.

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  1. That transition was a little off to me, I thought he was just in sweats, next thing she was like since he was dressed he could take their son to school. Am I missing something?


  2. After his 7 year hiatus sexually he is starved. If he would just give it a rest they would get along better.At least his parents and sister don’t want to have the child taken from the mother.

    Thank you for this update

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