PDSA Chapter 45

In the playroom, second floor

The little boy was flying a remote control helicopter. Seeing Cheng Liyue entered, he grinned. “Mommy, look at my helicopter.”

Cheng Liyue glanced around the large room that was filled with expensive toys. It left her speechless. The way this man spoiled his son was simply outrageous.

“Mommy, daddy promised to build me a huge playground in the backyard.” The little boy shared the exciting news.

Cheng Liyue grew even more speechless. She stooped down to level her eyes with her son’s. “Son, even if your daddy is rich, you cannot just ask him for anything that you want. You should appreciate what he has given you. But you can’t be a spendthrift.”

“Mommy, I know. I will not do it again.” The little boy was now aware of his mistake.

“Alright, since these have already been bought, just go ahead and play them! Mommy will be right here.” Cheng Liyue stroked his little head and comforted him.

Perhaps men have a different way of spoiling their kids.

Cheng Liyue accompanied her son on the second floor, but she thought of what Gong Yexiao had just said. And she felt her anger returning. Why did this man say such things about her? When did she hook up with other men? Even if she were to hook up, how does that concern him?

Half an hour later, the steward went up to inform them that it was time for dinner. Cheng Liyue brought her son to wash his hands and went downstairs.

Gong Yexiao was already seated at the dining table. His inscrutable gaze was fixed on the woman who was clutching his son’s hand as they walked down the stairs.

“Daddy.” The little boy called out and sat next to him. Gong Yexiao reached out and fondly caressed his little head. His eyes were radiating with affection.

Cheng Liyue took a seat and handed the little boy a bowl of rice, letting him eat on his own.

The little fellow was accustomed to this. His chubby little hand was gripping a spoon. He did not require any urging as he proceeded to eat with gusto.

Cheng Liyue had no appetite. Lowering her head, she ate in silence. While eating gracefully, Gong Yexiao’s gaze would land on the pair of mother and son seated next to him from time to time.

Cheng Liyue naturally met his gaze. She shot him a glare that carried with it a trace of resentment. Gong Yexiao returned her gaze with an impassive expression, looking calm and composed.

The activities that the little boy had done in the afternoon had caused him to work up a sweat. Taking in a whiff of his musky odor, Cheng Liyue wanted to give him a bath after dinner. Who would have known that the little fellow would rely on his daddy to do it for him.

Gong Yexiao looked smugly at the bitter woman and led his son upstairs.

Cheng Liyue gave a long sigh. Sitting on the sofa, she was served with a plate of fruits and a cup of tea.

“Ms Cheng, please have some fruits.”

“Thank you.” Cheng Liyue replied politely.

Everyone in the Gong residence treated her politely, everyone other than Gong Yexiao.

In the bathroom, while playing in the water, the little boy was happily singing away.

Gong Yexiao smeared some body wash on the little boy, and casually asked, “Xiao Ze, when you and your mommy were abroad, did any uncle appear by her side?”

Blinking his eyes, the little boy immediately understood what his daddy was trying to ask. He let out a giggle. “Daddy, are you trying to ask me whether any uncle has chased after mommy while we were staying abroad?”

Gong Yexiao was slightly stunned. He had really underestimated this little guy. He directly asked, “Is there any?”

“Yes! It’s just that mommy doesn’t like those uncles.”

“Those? So there’s more than one?” Gong Yexiao’s expression darkened. Sure enough, this woman was skilled in the arts of flirting.

The little boy was completely clueless as to the effect that his reply had brought on to his mommy.

“Are you certain that your mommy did not go out with those uncles?” Gong Yexiao continued to ferret out some information about Cheng Liyue’s past from his son.

The little fellow tilted his head while contemplating this. It must be because he was still young that he had no recollection of it. He shook his head and said, “I’m not sure, daddy. It’s better to ask mommy about it.”

Gong Yexiao moved on from this topic to discuss about the plans for building a playground.

But in his mind, the impression he had of Cheng Liyue worsened.

Cheng Liyue was innocently dragged into this mess by her son. Nibbling on the fruits as she sat on the sofa downstairs, she could not help recalling the meeting she had with Lu Junxuan today. He had the audacity to ask how she was doing? Back then when she had been thrown out of the family with nothing to her name, why didn’t he think about how she would go on living?

The more Cheng Liyue thought about it, the angrier she became. Her only wish was that she would never encounter this scum again.

The freshly bathed little boy dashed out of the elevator. “Mommy, do I smell better now?”

Cheng Liyue hugged him and sniffed his body. “En, you smell good.” She praised.

Behind them, Gong Yexiao stepped out. She caught sight of his brooding figure as if she had somehow offended him.

Cheng Liyue glanced at her son who was in her embrace. They both had similar facial features, but her son was handsome and charming whereas this man was clearly a block of ice.

“Mommy, we’ll be sleeping with daddy again tonight!” The little boy said to her.

Cheng Liyue objected instantly. Putting on a bright smile, she gently said, “Son, mommy is too tired today. I want to sleep alone. You can sleep with your daddy!”

“No, no! I want to sleep together with mommy. Last night you went to another room, I didn’t get to see you when I woke up this morning!” The little boy was somewhat unhappy and pouted.

“Uh.. It’s too crowded with three persons in bed. Mommy couldn’t sleep.” Cheng Liyue bluffed. She felt the cold, mocking gaze on her coming all the way from the direction of the liquor cabinet.

The little boy pleaded pitifully. “Then… Mommy, can you accompany me to sleep? Just until I fall asleep then mommy can leave, okay? I want to sleep with both you and daddy. Please! Pretty please, mommy!”

Cheng Liyue didn’t have the heart to turn down her son’s request, and could only nod her head. “Alright, I’ll accompany you to sleep.”

Cheng Liyue then said to the little boy, “Why don’t you stay here first. Mommy will be taking a bath.”

En!” The little fellow nodded. Cheng Liyue glanced in the direction of the liquor cabinet and looked at the man who was mixing up a drink with two bottles of liquor. Knowing that he would look after the little boy, she went upstairs to take a bath in the room she had slept in last night.

Gong Yexiao swirled the liquor in his glass, then raised it to take a sip. He found that the taste was not quite right. He must have been busy listening to the conversation between the woman and his son, which had caused him to be absent-minded.

He drank two mouthfuls then poured out the liquor. Looking at the little fellow jumping up and down on the sofa alone, he went over and lifted him up. “Let’s go. Daddy will accompany you in the bedroom to play.”

“Daddy, will you be taking a bath too?”


The father-and-son pair reached the room but Cheng Liyue was not there yet. Gong Yexiao handed his son a story book and went into the bathroom to take a bath.

Once she was done with her bath in the guest room, she put on a conservative nightwear. With short sleeves and knee-length shorts, the cotton fabric was very comfortable.

She lingered in her room until it was half past nine, only then did she walk to the master bedroom, wondering if Gong Yexiao had brought her son up.

She didn’t bother knocking on the door and pushed it open straightaway.

However, a rather scandalous scene entered her vision.

Gong Yexiao was doing push-ups in bed wearing only a pair of briefs while her son sat on his back, giggling ceaselessly. When the little boy saw his mommy walked in, he became even more excited. “Daddy, I still want to play, I still want to play.”

Cheng Liyue looked at his muscular and toned body. Because he was doing push-ups, the veins in his arms bulged. His body was exuding raw, masculine strength. What was even worse was that he was only wearing a pair of briefs that fitted him snugly.

Gong Yexiao did not stop. The little boy was sitting on his back as Gong Yexiao continued doing the push-ups effortlessly, making the little boy laughed till he drooled.

“I… I’ll come over later.” Cheng Liyue shifted her gaze away from his figure, somewhat at a loss as to what to do next.

Gong Yexiao grabbed his son and pulled him into his arms. Letting out a low, husky laugh, he said, “Alright, we’ll continue next time. It’s time to go to bed.”

“Daddy, will you be sleeping too?”


“Mommy, come on. Let’s sleep!” The little boy urged.

Crossing his arms beneath his head, Gong Yexiao closed his eyes. On the large bed, his tall and lithe figure was outlined beneath the covers.

Cheng Liyue swallowed. Just thinking that this man would be sleeping under the covers wearing only a pair of briefs caused her heart to race.


Chapter 45: A Racing Heart

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  1. thank you for fast updating..
    Ye Xiao already jeaolus of LiYue’s male friend
    Ye Xiao why dont you ask direct to LiYue
    Son.. u make your daddy drinking vinegar when he though so many men pursue your mommy

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  2. Loving the story so far. I just hope they won’t have too much misunderstandings typical of Chinese novels. Kudos for your great translation skills. Jaa ne! 😄

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    1. Yeah. It was already enough that he thinks she slept with her ex-husband now he thinks she slept around and was kinda renforced by what said the son. Also highly probable she was a virgin before falling pregnant because there was some pain after she slept with ML.

      Sigh, i only hope they become loveydovey soon. Come on Liyue ! Just give it up !

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